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Monday, March 09, 2009


Scott and I have spent a lot of money as of late. I'm not sure why. I suppose we've taken it upon ourselves to singlehandedly revive the economy, lol. Scott bought me a brand new Dell desktop computer, at 27 inch flat panel TV to use as the monitor and as a TV for movies and video games since it's set up in the family/playroom. We've spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on pictures of the kids... and I haven't even had the family pics I want taken yet. We both have new cars his just over a year old and mine about 6 months. Hell, I spent $400 at Target YESTERDAY, lol. And all I got was a vacuum and some little summer sleepers for Carter. And some other little stuff. But $400, really? And that was just one stop! I spent another $150 on art supplies at Michaels. We're shopping for a 42 inch flatscreen for our bedroom, I am on the verge of redecorating our bedroom, and the kids will both need more summer clothes.

When does it end?! :) I don't mind being broke really. My kids don't want for anything. Not that they're spoiled... in a bad way. But making sure they have more than just what they need is a big deal. Trenton and I survived with just the bare necessities for a bit. I lost 25 pounds because I couldn't afford to eat much at all... if anything. Makes me appreciate how good I have it. If my parents hadn't been there to help me... I honestly don't know what we would have done. Been cold and hungry far more often than we were. But things have turned quite a bit since those days. And that makes the rush of giving the boys presents that much better. :)

Scott just rolls his eyes when I spot something for one of the kids wherever we are. And he just stands there while I start throwing things in the basket, lol. He couldn't be more different from me if he tried. He's more conservative than I am when it comes to financial matters.

Other than that, the weekend was calm. I spent Saturday with Krista and Lish wedding dress shopping. Lish is getting married next October so I got to live vicariously through her while shopping. ::Sigh:: I wanna get married again. Actually, I just want to wear my dress again. I loved my dress. :) I never get to dress up. Maybe I could just wear it to dinner. ::Snicker::

See how pretty and "flowy" it was?! I loved it.

I love this picture. My bustle broke. Deb was such a dedicated MOH!

Pull that corset HARD, Deb. I was 3 months pregnant by the time we actually got married. Nothing like feeling like a heffer on your wedding day. :)

Anyway, Saturday was fun. We stopped at Mi Cochine for lunch and margaritas and then pulled over at one point to hold puppies some guy was selling out of his truck. I love puppies. Then the girls came over to flirt with Carter and he drooled and smiled all over the place, lol. My little punk'in.

I couldn't sleep last night. I don't know why. I just couldn't turn my mind off. I woke up at 4am and just laid there until my alarm went off at 5am (I had to be at work early). So I am beat. And I have Bunco tonight, so it's not like I can go home and rest. But I love my Bunco nights, so it's worth a little baggage under the eyes.

It occurs to me at this moment that I ramble in my old age. But you wouldn't be reading this if you weren't bored already sooo... you're welcome?

Alright, good day. I SAID GOOD DAY!! Fes. Anyone? No? Ok then. Good day. See the loop I could go into right now? Tired. I'm VERY tired.


me said...

you were your dress, i'll were a formal and if we go into a bar we can pretend you got left at the alter!! Brillant idea...free beverages for all.

KRiSTiN said...


how about we pretend that i left someone at the alter. that makes me seem slightly less pathetic.

you know, i have TWO wedding dresses. you could wear the other, lol.

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