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Sunday, March 01, 2009

I'm too old for... everything.

Even the weekends wear me out these days, lol. I'm fast approaching 30. Just a few years away. Scary. Thankfully, I still act 17 most of the time. My husband wouldn't necessarily agree that that's a good thing, lol.

Ok, so the weekend...

I won't get into last night. There was a party for a friend who just graduated from the Police Academy. Congrats Keith!! Good friends, good times, lots of wine. Ugh. Moving on...

Yesterday, I fell in love.

I have lots of clothes. Lots. Our closet isn't huge so half the closet, a 6 drawer dresser and a 5 drawer chest isn't enough. If all my clothes are clean, I have no where to put them. They just sit in laundry baskets. Luckily, all my clothes are never clean, lol. Anyway, So we decided we had to buy another dresser or chest. Thus, I was introduced to my new love.

The Dump.

You've heard the advertisments. Seen them on TV no doubt. We saddled up Saturday morning and headed out to buy a dresser. We walked in and I immediately spent thousands of dollars in my head. OMG. I LOVE that place. I could have stayed there all day. I've already picked out a new coffee table. dining set, bedroom suit, etc. Do we need those things? No. Our bedroom suit is only a year and a half old. But I love furniture shopping. It was greatness. I'll be back for SURE. And yes, I finally singled out a new chest that is pretty, matches the wood on our bedroom furniture, and is modern and kinda funky, like I like. Visit the Dump. Aside from the semi aggressive sales people (although they were all VERY nice) it was a perfect experience.

THEN, we went to Art & Soul and picked up the pieces we had done last weekend. I am super happy with them. They turned out great. I was going for simple and that's what I got. I love them all.

Trenton's Hand Prints

Carter's Hand and Foot prints

Trenton's Crab

Scott's Mug... Painted by Trenton

This was Trenton's weekend with his Daddy. However, on Friday, Trenton came home after school because his Daddy was running late. So we got to hang out before he left us for the weekend. :) Trenton wanted to play poker, lol. So Scott got out his chips and Trenton dealt the cards.

Ok, in reality, we only played WAR and used the chips to bet on the outcome, but it was funny. I think Scott would be stoked if the boys both took an interest in poker.

I spent most of today being lazy. We tried to go buy a 42 inch plasma flatscreen for our bedroom, but best buy was closed so maybe sometime this week or next weekend. Man, I am addicted to spending money. I am stimulating the economy all over the place, lol.

Anyway, I know I babbled about the weekend completely out of order, but whatever. I'm tired and thinking logically just isn't in my priority list right now. :) This weekend was a much needed break and sanity saver. Hanging out with my beloved family and seeing my good friends was what I needed more than anything. Whew!! Thank GOD for weekends. :)

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