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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Post-Lunch Perfection

The boys came to work and ate lunch with me, as previously mentioned. It was so great to see them in the middle of the day, but it made me sad that I can't stay with them all day, every day. Anyway, they left. I worked. Then headed home. That's when the day got even better!

I got my name necklace in the mail today! I LOVE it. SOOO cute. I'm going to get a better chain for it, but other than that... it's perfect.

When I got home from work, I had some great surprises waiting for me. Trenton (with Nana's help) made me a birthday cookie cake... complete with smiley face!

And birthday gifts picked out by Trenton himself. Nana took him to the Dollar store in Rockwall and let him pick out gifts for me. LOL. I love them!! He got me a coffee mug that holds pictures or drawings and a dog statue. Then he picked out a gift for me "from Carter". A pack of party balloons. He's so funny.

Scott brought me roses yesterday. So when I got home today, I put them in my bud vase that Sarah gave me. And I still had enough roses left over to put in another vase. So pretty. :) I LOVE my bud vase Sarah!! Thanks!!

Then Carter and I played with Mr. Hippo, the hippo that EE gave me to give the kids. He LOVED Mr. Hippo.


Nicole said...

I LOVE that necklace... wonder if I could find one like it in gold... hmm...

me said...

Your Welcome!!! It looks so pretty! I'm glad it came in use. :)

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