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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

School is Cool Under the Sea

Sometimes, being a Mommy sucks. Yes, I said that. And it's true. I guess I should say, being a good mommy. Discipline is no fun for mommies either.

Yesterday was Trenton's Kindergarten Concert and Open House. School is Cool Under the Sea was the theme. Lol.

So, before I went to pick him up I made cookies and Scott and I talked about going up to McDonalds beforehand so he could eat and play like he likes. I thought it'd be fun to make a big deal out of the concert since he was so excited about it.


His school behavior color, he told me when I picked him up, was red. They get colors every day. Superstar is.. well superstar, then purple is great, green is good, yellow is ok, blue is trouble, and red is as bad as you can get. You have to get in serious trouble to get red. ::Sigh::

So I couldn't take him to McDonalds or have any of the cookies I made. No TV, no computer, etc. That is the part that sucks. Not being able to do the fun things with your kids because they won't let you. Boooo. :/

I was bummed. I like doing the fun things with Trenton.

Anyway, so we went to then Kindergarten Concert last night. It was hilariously great. Trenton is such a ham! While the other kids stood still singing, he raised his arms in the air and made "rockstar" faces. Lol. So funny.

Top Row, White Shirt

Rockin Out

"Hi Mommy!"

Then we went to his classroom for Open House. We saw and read his papers and pictures and talked to his teacher. She basically said he's super smart... he just gets bored and wants to play when he's done with his work. Then he gets in trouble. :/ That wasn't really any sort of surprise. Trenton is VERY social. Always has been. He's never met a stranger. In fact, when he was 2, we were at an oil change place and he walked up to some strange man in a hat and reached for him to pick him up. Lol. Everyone's his friend. And he likes to talk. But he's a good kid. Sweet as can be. We just need to work on following directions and listening.

Trenton and Ms. Turner

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