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Friday, July 10, 2009

"10 Minute Setup, My Ass!!" ~ Scott Durbin

Carter had a very "Mommy-hold-me!" kind of day yesterday. He's been a bit spoiled with me being sick. I think Daddy and Nana and Popaw held him constantly and catered to his every whil, lol. Thus, when I put him down, it was as if his mom-centric world was ending. He just stood there and SCREAMED at me. That's what I get for wanting to do some laundry.

Anyway, so Trenton got a little pool for our backyard from my parents for his birthday. Scott spent something like 11 hours and at least $200 setting this $75 pool that boasted "10 minute easy set up" on the side of the box. ::Rolls Eyes::

Anyway, the plan was to surprise Trenton when I brought him home from staying with my parents. Scott gets off at 4pm, so we hung out at my parents' house then gave Scott enough time to get home and seal up the box the pool came in. We were going to tell Trenton that he could help Scott set the pool up. Then when he carried the box outside, he'd see the pool already set up and Wuhooo! Of course that was Wednesday and that random hardcore thunderstorm/hailstorm came through ruining our plans... we thought.

But the storm passed so at about 6:30pm, we put the plan into action. Trenton carried the box out and was SOOO excited to see the pool. He and Scott got in immediately and I took pictures. That's when Carter bonked his face on the ground. After that, Carter and I got into our swimming attire and we all played until Carter's bedtime. I got out with him and put him to bed. The other boys played for a bit. Of course, he LIVES for Scott coming home now so he can get in the pool.


me said...

All I got out of your blog was the underline message that you are having a pool party soon and it will just be you and me so we won't blind anyone with our bodies.

Carol said...

Glad that Trenton (and apparently Scott, now)loves the pool. Hey, it SAID "ten minute easy set-up." How was I to know...::snicker::

KRiSTiN said...

Gammie Style pool party for 2 is the message I was trying to get across. Well done, Carnation Sista!

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