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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The End is Near

There's a commercial on TV that struck me last night. I tried to google it so I could post it here, but since I can't remember the product, it was a fruitless search. Anyway, it shows some old dude up on a ladder messing with his roof or something. Narrator starts talking about ladder accidents and then.. there old dude goes. I can't even describe it. The way ridiculous and cheesey way he fell and the narrator's ubber serious voice made me laugh out loud. I'm chuckling right now, in fact. I immediately had to grab the remote and rewind to watch again. God bless DVR. SOOOO funny. Not as funny as I find that woman's crotch trimmer commercial with the morphing bushes or the Billy Mays commercials (the car speaker one, where he tells some chick he'll be there soon. He WON'T be there soon. I bet she's pissed.). But still.. good stuff.

Anyway, summer's almost over! I can't believe that. I have truly enjoyed getting to be here with the boys. What a fantastic opportunity! Sure, my nerves get shot occasionally by the constant and very different needs of 2 little boys, but that's what wine is for. :) We tried to do at least one "fun" thing every day (something small like popcorn and movie, building a fort, playing in the sprinkler, sidewalk chalk, etc.) and tried to go do something "special" once a week (like going to the movies, visiting Nana and Popaw, Chuck E Cheese, etc.). Did it ALWAYS happen? No. But I tried to make the summer fun. I do still want to go to the Ft. Worth Zoo. But it's so damn hot and all those other kids will be there. I'm thinking a September hookey day is in order for that. We'll see.

Today's fun thing? Sprinklers. Trenton had a blast. Carter was interested. He liked watching Trenton. He and I even went through the sprinkler a couple of times. But when the water hit him clear in the face and surprised him, he burst into tears and that was it. We watched from the shade of the front porch from then on, lol. And after 20 minutes or so, Carter was sleepy, so I put him down and went back out and played with Trenton. Did I mention this was in our front yard? Lucky, lucky neighbors. Nothing like a chubby florescent white woman flouncing around in the sprinklers. :/ I think our property values sank while I was outside.

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Carol said...

You are a very good mommy. Give my boys a hug!!

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