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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"How much can you know about yourself if you've never been in a fight?" ~ Fight Club

You know what irritates me? So many things. But right now, top of the list, is people.. couples rather, that claim they never fight or disagree. Like they're better than you and in their world everything is all sunshine and flowers and all anyone needs is rainbows and love.

People fight. In all kinds of ways. I have seen them all. I lived in a sorority house with 25 other girls. From passive agressive pranks and comments to bitch slapping. You cannot be in a confined space with someone for an extended period of time and get along perfectly 100% of the time. And if you claim this is so.. you're a liar. Maybe you don't fight like they do in movies and on the Lifetime Channel (interchangeable with WE TV and Oxygen), but you don't have to throw things and run bawling to your car and drive off into the night in order for a disagreement to take place.

I know a couple. They claim to never fight. Never. Which always prompts a rolling of the eyes from me and the desire to say something not nice. Because, why would you say that? That's just... ridiculous. I bet the nicest person YOU know, whomever that is, has ridden home with a signifigant other, both of them in stormy, tension-filled silence stewing over an argument, no matter how trivial. Doesn't make them bad people. Makes the PEOPLE. INDIVIDUAL people. With ::gasp:: thoughts of their own!!

My husband and I argue. Oh, how we argue sometimes. LOL. But that's good. Because we care enough to do so. You can't always agree. Which means you must disagree or you are nothing to it, for lack of a better phrase. At what point, are you so passionless and apathetic toward someone, that you'll become a cold, dead fish in all aspects of your relationship? Boooo to that. I wanna smack my husband in the face sometimes with whatever blunt object is closest, but that just means I love him. ::Snicker:: I'm kidding... sorta.

My point is, everyone, as far as couples goes, disagrees sometimes. You have to. Because you're different people. It's normal. Now, granted, you shouldn't fight constantly. There's an acceptable limit and line, but little spats are healthy. In MY expert opinion. Plus, without fighting, there'd be no makeup sex. And that's reason alone to pick a fight. Hi Mom! :)

Anyway, I was just feeling particularly irritated by that. Especially since the couple I mentioned before, the ones that have supposedly never fought, were talking the other day about a particularly nasty fight they'd had years ago. The story would have been hilarious had I not been so focused on calming the urge to call her lie in front of her friends. A simple, "But I thought you guys NEVER fought..." from me and then the studio audience would, "Oooooohhhhhh" and she'd storm off camera in embarassment. Pan in close to me and see my small, momentary satisfaction giving way to guilt and learning my lesson. I'd apologize ::insert clapping audience:: we'd hug, witty "funny" comment, track laughter, and roll credits.

Eh. Skip all that. I just decided to bitch in my blog. My public diary. All the lengths you went to as a child to keep your "Kristin + Josh FOREVER" diary pages hidden and now we blog our every thought for the WORLD to see. How vain we are to think anyone gives a crap what we think. Hmmm.

Ok, that diaper won't change itself. Happy Hump Day!


Angie Jones said...

OMG! You crack me up! I totally agree with everything you said about couples who "claim" they never fight. I'll be the first to admit that Dennis and I do and it's no secret when we've had a disagreement. You can see it all over me! That sad face...teary eyes...not talking to anyone. Sorry to say that's the way I am now and have always been. Anyway...I really look forward to checking out your blog every day and absolutely LOVE all your pictures. You're so blessed to have such handsome boys and what precious little guys they are! Keep writing...I'm reading! Have a wonderful day and tell Jillian hello for me! :^) That's as close as I plan to get to her!

Stephanie Warner said...

cracking up over here.........I love the makeup sex (Hi Mom) comment! I agree.....keep writing, I'm reading! :)

Carol said...

Hey, kiddo. You have two children. You think I don't know how that happened? Gross out point here...(don't read if you are squeamish)...I have two children also. How did that happen?

There's a line...did I just cross it?

Keep writing and I will keep reading..totally unshocked. After all, I am supernana.

KRiSTiN said...


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