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Friday, September 11, 2009

Prayer Request

Just a quick note. A high school classmate and sorority sister of mine had a baby boy, Tucker, on the 9th of this month. They discovered a heart murmur soon after he was born and last I heard, he will be having surgery next week. 
I was an emotional disaster when Carter had that tiny cyst removed at 4 months.  Can you FATHOM your brand new sweet baby having HEART surgery at a week old?! 

Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers. 

Carter has a new favorite toy.  It's a tiny fluffy sheep.  So weird.  He got it in his Easter basket.  All of the sudden, it goes everywhere with him.  He kisses it, squeezes it, smells it, laughs at it, and crawls around with it.  It's so funny. 

He has also taken to smacking people.  Not out of hatefulness.  He just smacks people.  With a giant smile on his face.  Little toot.

I'm taking the boys to the Plano Balloon Festival next Friday night.  I'm excited.  Should be fun.

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