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Monday, October 26, 2009

Boy Scout vs. Wild

All those unclean, dirty hooligans on those "reality" tv shows who battle the wilderness to survive can step off!  Trenton's in town. 


I have camping pictures (taken on Scott's iphone, sorry).  Trenton and Scott went camping Friday-Sunday late morning.  I was cold here in the house.  It must have been super chilly there.  But they survived.  And Trenton had a great time.  He has some badges/belt loops coming his way, too, I think.  He's a rugged outdoorsmen.

My awesome tent that I got a SUPER deal on a couple of years ago.  :)

View from the boys campsite.

Tree Climbing

Fire-Cooked Breakfast

My favorite picture.  Trenton caught SEVEN fish!  He was a Rockstar!

1 comment:

Charlya said...

Trenton looked like he had an absolutely wonderful time. And what a step-dad he has in Scott. Such a lucky little boy to have so many that love him. Plus he is a cute as a button.

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