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Sunday, October 04, 2009

October Awesomeness!

First of all, Happy Birthday to my Dad!!  We spent the day out at my parents house eating pizza, watching football (DAMN you Baltimore) and chatting.  Fun.  Love you, Dad!! 

Carter's still not feeling well.  I don't know if it's the cold the doc said he had 2 weeks ago or if it's something else.  I bet we visit the doctor again this week.  That's my prediction.  He is so fussy!  I think he's running just enough of a fever to be grumpy, but not enough to register as "sick".  No good.  But he's a champ.  He'll push through.  Especially if it means his mommy will give him extra snuggles and spoil him a timy bit more than usual.  :)

Saturday was awesome.  Sarah and Preston (her boyfriend) came over to watch the Tech game.  We grilled burgers and hung out at the house.  Sarah and I talked (she's an OSU girl) while the boys ignored us unless it was in between plays.  It was nice.  Just chit chat and low key nothing stuff.  Good times.  SOOOO glad they came.  :)

Afterward, Scott and I dropped Carter off with my parents and we went on a double date with our friends Keith and Amy.  We went up to Japan House and ate sushi.  Lots and lots of sushi.  So much sushi, in fact, that Scott was literally in pain and we couldn't go do anything else, lol.  We just came home and went to bed.  No kids, but we were in bed by 10pm.  Lol.  So sad.  We're so old.

Today, like I mentioned, we spent the day with my Dad.  Trenton couldn't be there, because he was with his daddy, but the rest of us had a nice relaxing day.  When we got home, I decided today's a good day to give the boys their "It's Fall and that means Halloween!" gifts I got for them.  Not much.  Just little baskets of small goodies.

Trenton's had little flash lights, a funny headband with bats on it, and lots of stuff to make and decorate halloween cookies with.  Plus a little, stuffed NICE ghost. 

Carter's had a spider, some Halloween themed bibs, and some cookie cutters Trenton will use to make cookies on his behalf.  AND, my favorite, a candy corn hat. 

Carter has decided that he loves hats.  When I put a hat on him, ANY hat, he smiles immediately.  He doesn't tug at them, like some kids do.  He just leaves it on and touches it occasionally.  Sometimes he uses it to play peek-a-boo.  SOOO cute.  For example...
(taken last week)

So you can imagine how much he loved his new, colorful, candy corn hat!!  Of course, he was eating while I was taking pictures, so he has food face.  But I did get the chance to take pictures in his new ghost bib, too, so at least there's that. 

Then he got super affectionate and was giving sweet kisses.  I took some of him kissing Daddy, but I had to put the camera down and get in on that.  Gotta get the kisses when you can!  :D

Just for fun.  :)

Then Trenton got home from his dad's and got to see HIS gift.  He was so cute.  He couldn't figure out why he had the cookie cutter and decoration stuff.  He's was trying really hard to be polite, but all his "thank you's" had question marks at the end.  "Thank you?" with a puzzled smile.  He finally figured it out and wanted to make cookies immediately.  I told him later this week we'd make all kinds of Halloween cookies.  Maybe when we go pick out our pumpkins.


Happy Pre-Halloween!!

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Sarah said...

Thanks Durbs!! We had a loooot of fun as well. My stomach muscles hurt from laughing so hard with you. I explained in detail the whole "borrowing your dress" story to Preston on the drive home. He thought it was pretty crazy and funny. He kept answering me with "i do" for about an hour as a joke. Oh' the memories.

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