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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Hoopla and a Love Affair with Denim.

What am I thankful for?  I'm so glad you asked! 

1.  My kids are healthy.  I'm not spending the holidays with one of my children in a hospital somewhere or wondering if this could be one of my baby's last Thanksgiving or Christmas.  My heart aches for the parents who have terminally ill children, not just this time of year, but ever.  I can't imagine.  So the thing I am thankful for most in the whole world, is the health of my boys and their ability to do, see, play, learn, and EXPERIENCE anything and everything they want to. 

2.  My foundation.  Which is a direct result of my parents.  I didn't realize it at the time, of course, but they provided such a solid institute for me to learn, grow and develop in.  They lived their lives to make mine and my brother's lives what they are.  They provided and they taught.  They spoiled a bit.. but not too much.  :)  I'm a very sarcastic person, but I do have values.  My parents have been supportive, loving, and taught me the real priorities a person should have.  I love and value my family, because that was modeled for me by them.  They have been there, time and time again.  I will probably never know to what extent they sacraficed to give me the life that I had... but I know I certainly didn't deserve it with my snotty teenage attitude.  Yikes.  There's no question that they'd do anything for me.  So for that, I am thankful.  For everything, I am thankful... the shark attack game I got when I was 8, for taking Smokey my hampster to the very expensive vet when there was obviously nothing that could be done, for not saying something you couldn't take back when I got pregnant in college, and for taking care of us when I was a severely struggling single mom.  :)  I could have skipped Dad screaming at refs, other coaches, or fans at every sporting event I participated in... but at least he was there, LOL.      

3.  My life.  I have 2 wonderful boys who each have very different and distinct personalities, but who love each other and me and show it.  I couldn't have custom ordered more perfect or wonderful children.  Then there's my husband, who is a smartass and completely clueless sometimes as to what makes a woman happy (lol, like most men), but he loves me without question.  And he loved me (at least claimed to) while I was pregnant... which I'm not sure I could have done if the roles were reversed, lol.  And while our relationship isn't perfect, I certainly don't have to worry about the relationship woes that some women do.  He's a great father and stepfather.  And I love him.  So I'm thankful that the stress of the world has no power over my family.  We're in this together.   

Alright.  Stick a pin in the spirit of thankfulness and let's move right along...

Woohoo!  I just figured out Christmas gifts for my 'rents!  No I can't tell you (my mom stalks my blog... I'm on to you, Mom!).  But it's going to take alot of work.  So I have to get started... like now.  Or when I'm done here. 

Scott came home for lunch today and we bundled up Carter and went for a walk.  We walked up to Kroger... half a mile, maybe?  We got some cheese and crackers for lunch and I got a white chocolate mocha from the Starbucks inside and then we walked back.  That was nice.  I love taking walks.  And, hopefully, that'll help me with my weightloss goal.  I realize the starbucks hampered that, but what's a walk on a cool day without some delicious hot, seasonally flavored coffee?! 

I've hung my favorite pair of jeans up in our kitchen.  I'm a snacker.  A late night snacker.  So hopefully, the looming jeans will help me rethink my snacking decisions.  I love those jeans and I WILL wear them again.  My butt looks GOOD in them.  :)  They're those jeans.  The one that are perfectly made for my body and just look fantastic on ME.  You know the ones.  Every woman knows.  Jeans are hard to shop for.  Jeans that are mediocre can be come across without tons of effort but when you find some that are comfy and look good all over... butt, thighs, length of the leg, waist without the worry of crack peeping, it's like a steamy love affair. 

I still love you jeans.  We'll be together again.  One day...


I can't decide if I want to go do the family thing for Thanksgiving or just stay home and do the restaurant thing, lol.  Trenton's with his dad, so it's tempting to be lazy.  And my family gets together so far away.  Round trip, we're talking 3 hours at least.  It's exhausting.  And I hate turkey, so the whole dinner thing is lost on me.  So we'll see.  I don't have to decide until tomorrow. 

If I don't talk to you before Thursday...

Happy Thanksgiving!


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