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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Party Pooped!

Happy Birthday, Monkey!

We started the day off with breakfast. Pancakes.  Carter loves pancakes.  :)

Then it was time to do the last minute party prep.  Scott helped alot.  Thank you, Love, for helping watch Carter, cleaning, picking up the balloons, picking up the boy scout popcorn that came in today, and the tons of other stuff (including my morning coffee) that you did today.

The party was at 4pm, because Carter takes an afternoon nap that's ends about that time.  So in theory, he'd be in a good mood.  Except he REFUSED to take that nap today.  So he was in a super grouchy mood.  Ultra tired.  ::Sigh:: 

So I don't think I have a single picture with him smiling in it.  He smiled occasionally, but he was pretty stone faced most of the time.  Plus, he's not really a people person.  Lots of people being around make him uneasy.  But it is what it is.  :)

Anyway, with the errands run and the house decorated, all we had to do was wait to party! 

This was the Sign Me Dog.  It comes with a pen and all the guest sign it.  The cool thing is, Trenton has the EXACT same one from his first birthday party.  (Prince crown not a part of that.)

Carter's Awesome Cake!!  Made by my friend, Laura! 

Carter wanted to know why all these people were in HIS house.

Our Guests...
Karin and Caroline Rush

Steve Carter

Uncle Ryan and Popaw

Kassundra and Emma Wood

Kassundra, Laura (Cake Lady) and Amy Noblett

Keith Noblett and Darryl Lee Rush

Several people didn't end up in many (or any) pictures.  I didn't do so well with being the photographer.  That's my mom's job at my events and she wasn't there.  :)

Almost Time for Cake!!

Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday, Dear Carter...
Happy Birthday to you!

The ENTIRE top layer was for Carter.  To rip to pieces.  I just knew he was going to make a total mess.

He was intrigued...

And he nibbled...

But that was about it.  He picked at it and let us feed him a tiny bit, but he didn't like it.  He physically reacted to the icing.  Too much sugar for my little guy, I guess, because I tried the cake and it was GOOD.  Carter's favorite thing to eat is beans.  Cake is a far cry from that and it just didn't appeal to him, lol.

When he was done, that was it.  He was done.  Sleepiness didn't help.

He DID figure out that he could pull the "1" off the top and beat the top of the cake then rub icing on Daddy.

The bigger kids there (Trenton, Lexie & Dylan) had to wait for Carter before they got their cake.  Poor things, lol.  They kept chanting in unison, "Wait for it... wait for it..." thinking Carter would just dive in.  And it just never happened.

That beautiful cake still looked yummy after Carter picked at it and beat it to death.  I'm not shallow, I ate it even though it wasn't as pretty.  It had a great personality.  So delicious!!

Cake and singing are done.  That means it's time for.....


All the big kids wanted to help with this part.  (~Side note~ during the party, I had a 20 minute slideshow of pictures of Carter for the last year looping on the tv in the playroom.  Everyone commented on it and it was fun to make!  That's why Daddy and Carter are on the bigscreen in the background.)

He was so tired, he wasn't even sitting up.  He was leaning against Daddy and letting Daddy bring the gifts to him.

"Look at this cool lid I found!"

"This lid is the best gift ever!"

"Okay, I'll open more... but only if I can still keep my lid with me."

As people started leaving, Carter's mood picked right up.  He started smiling and clapping.  ::Sigh::  That's just how it goes, I guess.  We still put him to bed and then hung out with Steve and Laura and let Trenton and their daughter, Lexie, play together. 

It was a good day.  Not horribly stressful.  I think I've mellowed some since Trenton.  Some.  I'm still slightly insane on days like today.  But I'm better.  :)

It's over.  He's officially ONE!  Now I just have to enjoy the 5 minutes I have before he's two.  :)


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