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Monday, December 07, 2009

Lucky 13

Carter is 13 months old today! My favorite things about him right now are:

~He points at what he wants. It's so cute. Tiny chubby fingers points at people and things, sometimes accompanied by a grunt. (he's pointing at me as I write this.)

~He's facinated by the "things" under people clothes. Like belly buttons or my tattoo. He pulls up Scott's shirt to play with his belly button and when I'm sitting, sometimes he pulls the back of my shirt up and pokes my tattoo, lol.
~He loves his little sheep. It's a random Easter basket toy (from the dollar store, I think) that I had no idea he'd love so much. But he does. He snuggles it and pats it back to make it feel better. Then he lays on top of it, lol.  Here are some pitures of that Easter when he met his future best friend.  :)

~Throwing everything out of his gated play area is his favorite thing to do. He picks up whatever he can reach and just throws it on the other side.
~He loves balls. Any size or shape. He likes to throw them, chew on them, or just push them around. Any toy that incorporates balls in some way is a winner to him.

~He is SO moody. That child will glare at you with hate in his eyes and wrinkles upon his brow if he doesn't get his way. It'll probably be a problem in the future, but right now, it's adorable, lol.
~The inquisitve babble. He say's things like "Ma Ma", "Da Da", "Buba" and something like "at" (that), but everything else is nonsensical babble. But his tone and inflection changes like he's actually have a conversation. Then he occasionally smiles or laughs to himself. It's hilarious to watch.

Stay warm friends!! And if you're in the Plano area and going to the parade this coming Saturday, look for Trenton on the Boy Scout/Cub Scout float.. and Scott walking behind it, lol!! I'll have pictures, I'm sure.


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