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Friday, January 29, 2010

99% of people who are still my FB friends...

Being tired and sick makes it harder for me not to be emotional.  Prominent emotions being sad (crying over the stupid commercial I just saw) and anger ... explaination below. 

I saw the following message posted on several people's facebook status several times over the last couple of weeks:

"America: the only country where we have homeless without shelter, children going to bed without eating, elderly going without needed meds, and mentally ill without treatment - yet we have a benefit for the people of Haiti on 12 TV stations. 99% of people won't have the guts to copy and repost this!"

Disgusting.  This makes me sick.  Everytime I saw someone post it, I deleted them.  Ignorant Fucktards. 

Are there problems in America?  Yes.  Should we do more to help the homeless and the hungry?  I think so, yes.  It breaks my heart to think of the homeless children in our own country.  Does that mean that we have to completely ignore a country in such a ruined state with such a sudden and horrific trama thrust upon them?  No.  That's ridiculous and stupid.  And I'd be willing to bet that the people posting this shit about hungry kids in America aren't standing in the serving line in any soup kitchen here in America.  Yes, you morons, let's ignore a country where the average person there is already worse off than our average homeless person in the wake of such a huge disaster.

Seeing someone suggest that we ignore the fact that so many children who were already poverty stricken, are now orphans and discard the thoughts of the families who have been literally digging through the pieces of their lives to find the people they love and are probably dead, makes me so mad I could spit... directly into that person's face.

So please... if you disagree, let me know!  Because I welcome the opportunity to cut all ties with someone as short-sighted and moronic as that indicates you must be and I wish you well burning in hell.

Have a nice day!



Anonymous said...

I'm with you, man!--Julie Geurin

De!dre said...

I love you!
And agree wholeheartedly : )

Margie said...

I agree with you, 100%...Shame on anyone who would post something like that...
I'm proud that we care about others and try to help in whatever ways we can and am horrified by these selfish individuals...
God bless the poor people of Haiti. Margie

Carol said...

I couldn't possibly agree more. The people of Haiti are suffering unimaginably and it is our Christian responsibility to extend a helping hand and heart!

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