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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Loving your children does not mean that you don't sometimes want to shake them until their ears bleed.  I just want my oldest to shutup while he's at school.  But he can't do that.  So he gets in trouble.  Enough trouble that his teacher walked him out to me when I came to pick him up. 

Talk after talk hasn't done anything.  Losing most of his toys hasn't done anything.  So he's getting a spanking.  And he knows it.  I told him.  And I'm going to make him wait.  To just anticipate it.  All through homework and dinner. 


I have a very sweet and smart child.  But he apparently doesn't know how not to CRAWL AROUND ON THE FLOOR WHILE THE OTHER KIDS ARE TAKING A TEST.

Unacceptable.  I could scream.  More.  I already screamed at him. 

And now, his father will say things like, "If you don't shape up, you can't come over to my house anymore."

Yes.  He's said that before.

Which is just... re-fucking-tarded.

He's not going to follow through with that.  And if he did, that would be beyond cruel. 

Hurray for ineffective parenting.


1 comment:

Carol said...

Keep in mind that he really is a good kid...just...umm...energetic. And not unlike his mommy!

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