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Sunday, March 28, 2010

And now I shall sing... praises that is. Feel free to be relieved.

I love today. Made baked cinnamon apple pastries for breakfast then took a shower and got ready to hang out with Trenton.

We went to cinemark in Plano to see "How to Tame your Dragon" in 3D. Let me just say, this was my first 3D experience. It was semi distracting at first, but was really fun after I adjusted to it.

This was also the first time I've ever gone to see a movie I wanted to see on it's opening weekend. Even at the Sunday matinee {I was hoping to avoid the church folk} it was packed. In fact, the middle 3 {the best} rows were reserved for a kid's BIRTHDAY PARTY. I was slightly agitated during the previews at the loudness and picture taking. But as soon as the movie started... silence from the crowd.

My Review?

It was SO cute. My stomach lurched. I got caught up in the story. I even found myself literally cringing at the end and thinking, "Oh my gosh!!" at the height of excitment. Loved it.


Now, I'm normally much more heavily in Pixar's camp as opposed to Dreamworks. {This was a DreamWorks film}

I like DreamWorks... but Pixar's movies just seem so much purer to me. They stir up emotion. Nemo? I could cry every time I watch it. It's a fun story for kids... and an overprotective parent that's struggling to let go and let their child live their life, mistakes and all... what parent can't relate to that?! Win/Win.

DreamWorks does things that are enjoyable, but often resort to crude humor at some point and I just don't enjoy the movies as much as a whole {MOST of the time}.

DreamWorks is the Shrek series {which we own and are enjoyable to a certain degree}, Shark Tale {Boooo! Sucktastic!}, Madagascar {Okay}, Over the Hedge {Mediocre}, Bee Movie {Hated it}, Kung Fu Panda {Enjoyable}, Monsters vs. Aliens {Really liked it}.

Pixar is Toy Story {Awesome}, Monster's Inc. {Love it}, Bug's Life {Love it}, Finding Nemo {Best kids movie EVER!}, The Incredibles {Okay}, Cars {Fabulous}, Ratatouille {Boring}, WALL-E {Okay} and Up {LOVED this movie!}.

Pixar movies are more involved in my opinion.  More depth in the story.  More personal character building.  More emotional involvement.

How to Tame Your Dragon was awesome though. By FAR, the best animated movie I've seen from DreamWorks. The crude humor wasn't there. Not a single belch or fart joke. And the language frequently used in Shrek {"ass", "hell", and other inappropriate words for a kids movie} wasn't there at all. We'll be buying it.

And it wasn't weighted down with the huge names we normally see in these things.  I mean, Gerard Butler was in it, but he's no Tom Hanks, Reese Witherspoon, Jerry Seinfield, Mike Myers, or any of the other distingushable movie voices we've heard before.  I loved that about it. 

It was greatness.  An outcast viking who keeps being told to "Stop being so... this" ::insert wild gesture:: and who keeps responding dejectedly, "You just pointed to all of me..."

It's there!! Depth!! Relateability.  I REALLY enjoyed it. I recommend it to anyone with kids and/or a pulse. ::wink::

Top 3 in my Kids Movie Genre {and seriously, as a mom, what other genre really matters?}.


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