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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Benihana Birthday

Happy Birthday to me! 

Today seems so ordinary.  When does your birthday become just another day and stop being the best day ever, second only to Christmas?  I can remember waking up when I was a kid and feeling like a celebrity on my birthday.  Like I was special that day. 

I woke up today changed a dirty diaper and did exactly what I do every other morning.  Aside from my American Idol dreams being imposible now {LOL}, everything is exactly the same.
I'm not compaining.  I'm just pondering.  Is it when you have kids?  Do you transfer that excitement to their birthdays?  Because my boy's birthdays are a HUGE deal.  I genuinely consider their birthdays holidays.  Is that where my excitement went? 


I AM going to treat myself to a nap today when Carter takes a nap.  And I plan on wearing my pajamas all day.  AND, I may even make myself an iced coffee in just a minute.  I spoil me.  {snicker}

Last night, Scott and I went to Benihana for my birthday.  He'd never been.  I find that odd.  We were originally going to go to the Melting Pot, because I mentioned it the night before in an ambien haze, but I changed my mind last minute.  Like, we were literally in the car driving and I changed my mind, LOL.  Anyway, it was good.  We ordered sushi {Las Vegas Rolls are AWESOME} in addition to our meal.  Needless to say, it was WAY too much food.  Holy Cow.  After 3 bites of rice, I was full.  I didn't even think about bringing it home {doh} so I ate to the point of being in pain, then Scott finished what I physically couldn't.

And before we left, I was sung to in English and Japanese and got a birthday pineapple {I love pineapples!}.  The hostess even snapped our picture as a keepsake.

It was fun, except for the obnoxious woman sitting next to us.  She was one of those people who acts stupid to get attention and says things that she thinks are funny so that everyone will look at her.  She got on my damn nerves all night.  She kept talking about being a teacher and saying, "if you were in my class", etc.  Then after dinner her boyfriend (?) struck up a converstation and it comes out that she's not even teaching right now. 


GAWD, I hate those girls.  Yes, I realize that you have daddy issues and probably a prettier sister that made your already dwarfy features look downright Quazimodo-ish, but shutup!!  We don't care anymore than your neglectful daddy did. 


Regardless, it was an enjoyable evening.  It's nice to go out and not be "mommy" for awhile.  Eating dinner without worrying about who else in your party is throwing food on the floor is a nice break from the norm. 

Thanks, Love, for dinner!! 


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