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Sunday, March 21, 2010

One for the Gib-er

I thought the blurry whiteness of the yard was a product of the ambien I took last night.  Wouldn't be the first time that drug has made me see things that weren't there. 

But Scott saw it, too, so it wasn't in my head.

I love the snow this year!!  It's amazing!!  I haven't seen the amount of snow that stuck this year in my entire life!  I'm a born and breed Texan.  I'm accustomed to sleet and slush and snowmen that have grass and sticks sticking out of them because there is so little acumulated snow.

This is awsometastic.  What would be better?  If Trenton were here.  But I'm sure he's having fun with his dad. 

I am currently watching TV in the playroom with Carter and enjoying a large and hot cup o' coffee.  YUM!!  Compliments of my husband who went to McDonalds to get us breakfast.  Thank goodness because I didn't feel like cooking anything.  :) 

He gone back out now, to get a fire log.  Our fire wood is all covered in snow and will need some help getting lit. 

The plan?  Movies, fire, and hanging out.  That's IT.  Perfect day. 

I'd also like to take  this opportunity to say...


... to my good friend Sarah.  He boyfriend proposed on St Patrick's day {which I believe was their anniversary}.  And Sarah, knowing a good man when she snags one, said "YES!".  I'm so excited for her.  They are super cute together.  One of those couples that respects each other and genuinely enjoys being together.  :)  Love you, Gibs!!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Thank you Kristin!!! I couldn't be more happier. And of course I was super excited to tell you. I just couldn't wait! Yes - it was our anniversary.

Bunco on the 31st will be fun. I wonder which hand I will be using to roll the dice? hmmmm.

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