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Monday, March 15, 2010

Peek-A-Boo... I see you

We've all seen the Chucky movies.. or at least know the concept. Scary evil doll kills people. I always think of that "My Buddy" doll when I think of Chucky. My brother had one. And I had the girl version "Kid Sister".

Weird, but not nearly as creepy as Teddy Ruxpin. Soft spoken wildlife creature reads books, sings, and blinks too frequently. Scary.

But not nearly as scary as this thing...

The Laugh n Learn dog. 

Seems innocent enough, I know.  But it's not.  It's evil. 

Saturday night, I'd tried to go to bed, but at a little after midnight, that proved impossible, so I came downstairs into the playroom, where my computer is.  My computer is on the desk against the wall so my back faces the room.  The kids had left the room a disaster, so there were toys all over the place, including this dog doll. 

It's an interactive toy.  Press his foot, heart, ear, etc. and he says things and sings or whatever.  You can press one of his feet to turn it off, but the next time you push one of his buttons, he comes right back on.  So it's really more of a time out or sleep button.  Not really sure what the point is.   

So I'm alone, in my dark house, in my dark room, messing around on facebook or something when out of nowhere I hear a singsongy voice say, "Peek-a-boo... I see you!"

NOT cute and adorable at midnightish when no ones touched it.  I immediately left the room {with a QUICKNESS} and found my husband to come turn it off.  It's got a switch inside the stitching that REALLY turns it off {as opposed to making it sleep} to save batteries.  So it shouldn't be able to do anything.  He opens the back, flips the switch... and it talks again.


Here's the thing.  He looked more closely and it turns out when he flipped the switch, he had turned it ON!

{cue scary music}

When it spoke out of the darkness and told me it SAW me... it was off.

Yeah, seriously. 

That "toy" now lives in the storage closet.



Sarah said...

creeeepy. yet...cool. you know.

Carol said...

Get rid of that thing before it hacks you all up in your sleep!

KRiSTiN said...

Scott laughed at me, but I threw it in the closet and went upstairs to get as far away as possible. I didn't sleep well at ALL that night. I woke up everytime there was the slightest noise. DAMN MY LOVE OF SCARY MOVIES!

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