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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Therapy

Can I just say how much I love the JBF consignment sale?!  It's awesome!  This is my second time to go.  They have bi-annual sales here in the area and you can get such great stuff for your kids!  Everything you can imagine.. high chairs, clothes, car seats, strollers, cribs, decor, play yards, toys for all ages, etc.  It's basically a huge warehouse FULL of stuff.  And the stuff is inspected before they sell it so there's no gross or broken things.  :)  They have EVERYTHING.  Except, as it turns out, sand boxes, which is why I went.

But worry not.  I got plenty of other things.  :)

Just Between Friends {JBF} has sales all over.  You should check it out if you have kids.  There's still time for sure.  I went on a Saturday last time and brought home a TON of stuff.  They have a presale on Wednesday {for the volunteers only}, then the sale starts on Thursday with $3 admission.  However, if you sign up on the mailing list, you get mailed a coupon for free Thursday admission for the next one {I signed up last time and got this coupon, which is why we went today} and then free and open to the public Saturday and Sunday.  And Sunday, after noon I think, everything that's left is 50% off!!

It started at 10am today and when I showed up at 9:10am, there were already 15 or so people in line.  Carter and I got in line and waited for Nana, who arrived about 20 minutes later.  By the time 10am rolled around, the lined had backed up, looped around and doubled over on itself... and there was still plenty of room inside while we were shopping.

I wish I'd known about this sale when I was pregnant.  You can get everything you need to ready yourself for a baby.  {Hmmmm, I would love to have a little girl....Bwhahahahahaha!!}

I got a HUGE bag of clothes for the boys...

This doesn't even begin to show how much I got... nothing in here was more than $5 and some of it still has the original tags on it.  :)


Jeans, outfits, shorts, swimsuits, etc.  We are SET for summer.  I also got a fair amount of toys and games and books.

Some of my favorites: Basketball beanbag toss {$8}, giant squishy frisby {$4}, little green wagon {$4}, Guess Who game {$2.50}, etc.
Great deals!!
Light up, web shooting Spiderman ~ $4
Pop up Tent and tunnels ~ $15
Plush Airplane Rocker ~ $15
{I just realized that this has buttons that play music and makes the propeller spin and light up!  Bonus!}

I can't wait for Trenton to get home and see all this stuff.  He'll even love the stuff for Carter because he's THAT GOOD of an older brother.  :)


The boys LOVE their new toys!!  Carter and Trenton are currently in the tent giggling and laughing.  Carter comes out occasionally to push buttons on the plane and dance to the music it plays. 


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