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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Woot Woot!

I bought a new camera today!  A small, travel camera.  I still have my big Nikon, but I needed a smaller less formal camera.  For things like parties or whatever.  Anywhere I don't want to bring my huge case.  Mainly, for things I do with friends.  Most of the pictures I take of the kids, I want my big camera.  I need a smaller camera for capturing those moments in the bar that your friends will bribe you not to post on facebook.  :)

I had a camera that I adored.  It was taken out of the console of my car one night SD card and all.  ::Sigh::  It was a pink casio camera.  Yes, like those little keyboards we had when we were 6.  But it was truly a GREAT camera.  I loved it.  So I got another one.  Casio that is.  This one is more of a purple/pink.  List price on all the others I found elsewhere online (new and not refurbished) were $129-149.  I got mine, WITH tax and shipping, for $80.  And it's exactly the same.  brand new, in the original box, with all the extras and batteries and chargers.  :)

That is the beauty of Woot.com.

My point is, friends, that I'm armed with digital imagry now.  Beware the facebook fallout of your drunken actions.  Muhahahahahahahaha!



1 comment:

S. Brook Bell said...

Are you still wanting to get rid of your big camera??? I talked to someone yesterday that was looking for one???? Just thought I would let you know :)

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