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Monday, April 12, 2010

“It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to have to paint it.”

I spent the weekend painting the playroom.  I spent all day and late into the night painting coat after coat of my soothing minty green to cover the previous color which can only be described as "dead moss and fungus green".  I went to bed Saturday with a headache and a paint fume induced high.    I touched up the spots that needed more coverage Sunday morning.  Scott spent a good portion of Sunday fixing weird wiring issues and putting the big stuff in the room back together. 

The result is dramatic.  It looks bright and relaxing now.  No more cave.  I love it!  Since Carter and I spend most of the day in here, that's pretty important.  The room feels so much bigger.  It feels good to be in here.  Before it felt like hiding.   

I still have to hang my accesories, but after that, I'll post some before and after pics. 

Scott and I are supposed to start P90X today.  So, of course, I feel like poop.  Sweaty and achy and just general ickiness.  But I'm starting anyway.  I have to do something.  I was so incredibly sore after painting the other day.  The moving, bending, squatting, and climbing up and down the step stool was more than my body was used to.  That's just sad.  :(  Almost as sad as my half a whole wheat bagel with egg whites breakfast was.  I already miss Dr. Pepper.  ::sniffle::

But hopefully, after P90X, I'll be in ass kickin' form.  Or at least non-blob form.  :)



Sarah said...

1. can't wait to see the cave not being a cave. yet sad to see it go.

2. so excited you are doing p90x or px90, whatever it is. we can complain together about our workouts.

3. when i get out of bed in the morning my whole body pops. i'm like 30 going on 52.

KRiSTiN said...

it is semi sad to bid farewell to the cave. we had many a good scary movie nights in there. but you can still slowly shun me by facing the other direction when we talk in there, lol.

Sarah said...

it's not my fault my backside likes you better than my front.

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