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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Warless Soldier

It's weird when you make a suggestion to your spouse that you expect to have to defend, to have to fight for, but then, against all odds, they readily agree to your suggestion. 

I made a gift suggestion for Trenton's upcoming birthday.  I was expecting to have to do some convincing.  Battle a bit.  And end up getting it anyway, regardless of the firm "No". 

Instead I got an excited positive reply.  Which threw me a bit.  Now I feel like I have unbalanced energy.  Where does the fight preparation go when you gear yourself up, then don't fight?  I rarely have this problem, lol.

So now, while discussing the purchase of necessary accessories for said gift, I'm getting emails from Scott with "I want..." in the subject line and a web link in the body.

Note the "I want".  Not, "Trenton might like", or "How about this...".  ::Chuckle::

And the link to the accessory had a price tag that I found pretty shocking.  In my own search, $30 was my MAX.  Scott's link was priced at $80.  And it was 20% off.  I'm ok with it... but was severely taken aback.

I realize this makes little sense without knowing what it is, but I can't tell you beforehand.  Not until I have pictures.   

Alright.  I feel like death.  I'm going back to bed.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sorry you still don't feel well.
Take care and good luck with the birthday gift.
We need the perky and fiesty Kristin back !!!!

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