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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blowing Hot Air

Saturday, 3 of my 4some family members went to the Plano Balloon Festival.  Trenton was with his dad and we missed him, but we had a good time. 

Carter liked the balloons initially, but what he REALLY liked was the hill we were sitting on.  More specifically, walking backward up it, then RUNNING down and collapsing in Daddy's arms.  He seriously did that for over an hour.  We also bought him a {$8 DOLLAR} bubble gun and that was a big hit, too.  LOTS of blowing bubble into the wind where they were carried into the faces of the Planoians around us.  One little girl had the nerve to come close to Carter and actually pop some of his bubbles.  That didn't go over well.  He immediatley stopped blowing them and stuck out his lower lip pouting, lol.

Sitting in mommy's lap {and that little girl going away} seemed to fix Mr. Stingy's foul mood and back to playing we went!  It was a pretty enjoyable evening!  We showed up about 5 and left a little after 8.  I genuinely didn't think Carter'd be up for it, but he did great!

We did some arts & crafts, Scott watched the sky divers, explored the booths a little, bought some $8 tea (for 2), then staked out our spot on the hill just in time to watch the balloons launch at 6.  Then Carter played on the hill and blew bubbles until 8 when the did the balloon blow.  I was under the impression that the balloons would launch THEN light up, but they just stayed on the ground and lit up, but it was still pretty.  And the band wasn't bad, either.  I was expecting meh, but it was enjoyable music.

Next year, hopefully ALL of us can go.  And we'll bring a blanket next time.  My pants are RUINED with grass stains, lol.



Anonymous said...

absolutely gorgeous pictures of the balloons, especially when they were lit up..Looks like Carter had a great time even if the little girl was popping his bubbles...hope you have a good week, Kristin....Margie

Jenny said...

I love the Plano balloon festival! Unfortunately for us here in College Station we rely on watching cows for our entertainment. Not as fun as hot air balloons....but you know.

Leigh Gable said...

Great post and pictures. I, too, LOVE the Plano Balloon Festival. It is one of the events that I am desperatly looking forward to taking Eli too. I went when I was little only makes since to continue the tradition.

Oh...and have I told you lately how much I LOVE your background?

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