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Monday, October 18, 2010

$illy $hopping $tuff

I went shopping on my lunch break to buy felt sheets and fabric glue for making Trenton's Halloween costume {I bought it... but I ordered it online and it wasn't what I hoped.  Now I have to make it}.  I got the stuff on my list.  For 20 cents a sheet.  Um... Heck YEAH!  But I got more.... so.much.more.

Some of my favorite new things are these....

$9 table cloth (with a subtle print) and leaf place mats in fall colors.  They feel like microfiber.  Velvety and soft.  I love them.  $3 each!! How could I NOT?!  Perfect Fall/Thanksgivingy table dressing.  AND I got the basket in the middle for $5.  It's got some of the little pumpkins we got last weekend in it and Trenton and I are going to go Pinecone hunting for the remainder of the basket filler.  LOVE it!

The prints IS subtle.  The camera flash just brings it out A LOT,

And I got some new pillows for making my grandmother's {now my} cedar chest into a sitting area in the playroom opposite the couch as opposed to just board game storage {we have a TON of games}.  I need one more butt cushion {which I hope to get tomorrow}, but those were only $9 a piece and they have a non-slide bottom.  Trust me... they aren't going ANYWHERE.  That no-slip stuff is serious!  Most of the pillows were between $6 and $10...except for the one in the front on the left.  $2.50.  And it was my FAVORITE!



The Barbers said...

i want those leaves... what Target??

KRiSTiN said...

I meant Walmart. I go to Target almost every day so I'm used to saying that, lol. Anyway, it's the one at Park and the Tollway. Across the street from my everyday Target. They are SO cute, Jules. WAY too cute for $3!

Carol said...

Oh,my. You are not going to believe this...I went to WalMart in Quinlan with Tammy and bought the SAME...IDENTICAL...table cloth, red leaves, and green leaves. I also bought the wire basket, but mine is round. I bought chargers, dinner plates, salad plates, bowls and wine glasses to complete my set. Scary, huh? I'll post a picture on my blog.

KRiSTiN said...

lol. that IS scary, mom.

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