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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thrillerrrrrr... Thril-ler night...um, I mean...day

We had a halloween costume/cube decorating party at work.  Everyone's kids came up and trick-or-treated at each desk.  This works out well since we have a ""bull pen" style office with mostly cubicles.  I decorated from floor to ceiling.  I love halloween...

From the "hallway" or the Tombstone Angle.  Everyone loved those silly homemade tombstones.  My personal favorite was the orange "floofies" I made that were hung from the ceiling above my desk.
 The view as if you were standing behind me... I made that chair ghost out of a pillow case and some leftover felt last night after bunco.  Lol.  I love him!
 The candy & giveaways for the kids.  You can't see the fun details, but the purple pail in the corner has a haunted house cutout with a strobe light inside.  The black spider webbing has big tarantulas in it.  The pumpkins {real ones - Trenton and Carters} have green and blue glow sticks inside.  The tiny orange pumpkins on the wall light up.  The window separation has fun jelly cutouts on it.  And the Halloween picture frames have my nuggets pics in their costumes.

Happy {almost} Halloween!!!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Awesome job of decorating your office for Halloween. You and Julie are both so creative and then there's me who isn't...Nice job Kristin and have a very Happy Halloween with your boys..Margie

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