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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Last night, the 23rd, Kristin's Birthday Eve, some coolio gal pals and I got together at Painting with a Twist {you've read my blogs about this place before, I assume} and painted a painting titled "Reflections". Well, most of us did.

My friend Debbie randomly painted a cross.  Lol!

I loved seeing my friends and my mom and aunt. The evening didn't go as planned. We had an artist I was unfamiliar with and it didn't take her long to rub me the wrong way. I got irritated... then angry {this is the short version, if you haven't noticed}. I went there to relax, drink a bit, paint alongside an artistic coach, and have fun. That isn't what happened. However, upon seeing my very, very, very obvious unhappiness, the owner was quick to do her best to remedy the situation in a gesture acceptable to me {free painting on my next visit with the artist of my choice}.

Anyhoo, I LOVED seeing my lady friends and I adore them all for coming to chill with my on the last day of my 20's.
I'm not happy with how this painting turned out, but I enjoyed the company so why not hang it up anyway.

TODAY, my actual birthday was FABULOUS!  I went to lunch with some fabuloso girls I work with.  They treated me {despite my insisting I could buy my own lunch} to Blue Goose.  YUM! 

Then I met my guys for dinner at Hibachi House in Plano for some hibachi greatness.  Scott was a little concerned about Carter and the hibachi, but all went well.  The initial fire scared him, but after that it was all "WOW" and "Look, it's hot!".  He even high fived the chef when he was done.  Trenton was AMAZED at everything, lol.  He ate shrimp hibachi and ate really well.  He loved all the tricks, especially the chef tossing pieces of shrimp at people's mouths.  AND since it's my actual birthday, I got a free lobster tail WITH my meal.  Holy cow!  So.Much.Food.

After dinner, Scott said he was taking Carter out to the coy pond outside and Trenton followed.  I sat with the credit card waiting for someone to let me pay when I heard an approaching drum.  Being in a near food coma, it didn't register what was happening... until my 3 guys appeared with a lady and 3 very loud drummers and a waitress holding ice cream with a candle in it.  The ENTIRE restaurant sang and whistled as they pounded away on their drums, completely surprising and embarrassing me.  Then, after we ate the ice cream, the restaurant gave me a cute little sake set as a gift.  SO FUN!  LOVE that place.  We will be going back for sure.  Hibachi House.  Off 75.  Go there.  :)

Then it was off to buy the last piece of my birthday gift.  Let me break this down for you.  For my birthday, I've gotten a brand new laptop, a trip to Vegas {what wasn't wedding related was MY trip.  My husband did whatever I wanted.  It was great!}, dinner tonight, dinner and the theatre this coming Saturday, and tonight's final piece, getting my caricatures framed.  I have one that was done of me and Trenton in 2006 that I LOVE and one done of the boys a few months ago.  I'll probably get that one redone at some point, but it works for now.  :)  I am happy.  The boys {Trenton} picked out a giant stuffed bunny for me, which I've named Barney, and some very vibrant flowers which I love. 

I would like to say, thank you to my wonderful husband who made my birthday events incredibly special. 

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