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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tales from a Terrible Mommy :(

Today was chop day for the pups. We took Bob Barkers advice because… um… DUH… a dude whose job is to play games all day, be surrounded by gorgeous women, and whose name is familiar to generations young and old? He’s got it figured OUT!

Anyhoo, before surgery they weren’t allowed to eat after 10pm last night or have water after 6pm. Typical. They ate floor spaghetti (thanks Nana) at 9:00pm. We can’t bath them for 14 days after surgery so we bathed them last night and made them all pretty. We crated them last night so they didn’t get all filthy out in the yard where they normally sleep.

I had to drop them off at the vet between 7am and 7:30am so the deal was I was taking the dogs and Scott was taking the boys to school. Since he gets up at 5am, we decided that he’d let them outside to potty when he got up, then would put them back in the crate. Trenton normally takes them out in the morning, but I didn’t want him to forget and feed them. I was going to get up, shower, get dressed, let the dogs out to potty one last time and then load them up and leave.

Imagine my distress when I awoke to Appa running around my bedroom. That was NOT in the plan. I went downstairs with Appa and all hell broke loose.

Easton was running around downstairs (Appa has no issue with the stairs. They scare the crap outta Easton), Trenton was suspiciously quiet, Scott was gone, and I smelled poop. Enter crazy Kristin. First of all, why aren’t the dogs in their crates?!?! Then I find Trenton, who is trying to clean up poop. I am already frustrated so I demand to know why the dogs are out. Eventually, I discover that Scott left them inside. NOT what we discussed. So. Not only is there poop on the floor because Trenton watches tv, not puppies, in the morning, but there’s some sort of mysterious substance that looks like poop or vomit or SOMETHING and it looks like it has blood in it. ::Sigh::

But seeing as the dogs weren’t in their crates, I had no idea who spewed this out of one orifice or another. So not only is there a mess, but no way of identifying who might be sick/hurt. Seeing as before I knew Scott had left the dogs in, I had yelled at Trenton because I assumed he let them out of their crates, I thought it only fair to call Scott and yell at him. Which I did. And I cried. Because… that’s what I do when I’m frustrated.

I finally jumped in the shower deciding that the mess was Scott’s fault, so he could clean it up. I RUSHED into getting dressed and was just coming out of the bedroom when Scott got home. Then I had to go back into why there was a problem. Seriously? Poop on the floor… BLOODY poop… because you didn’t do what you said you’d do and you don’t see what the problem is? You effectively created complete havoc in my morning. So now, it’s your problem. Grrrrr!

Then there was an issue getting the dogs in the car. Trenton hemmed and hawed after being asked a question and my nerves had HAD it. I blew up at him. Again. Then left. And cried most of the way to the vet. I stopped only because the dogs barking at the radio made me giggle.

I got the dogs checked in and left. When I got back in the car, I realized how HORRIBLE I felt for blowing up at Trenton (not Scott because… really? You knew better) so then I cried all the way to work. It then occurred to me I haven’t taken my anti-anxiety meds for several days. Oops.

After realizing that I am a jerk and how I acted toward T was NOT ok, I thought I was going to PUKE!
In order to apologize for my crazy, I met Trenton for lunch at school and brought him McDonalds. I invited Scott because… I don’t know. I wasn’t mad anymore. I still feel bad about Trenton. But I felt better now. Less terrible. Meh.

The pups are fine. No one’s sick. Just nerves or… something. I’ll pick up our cone-headed gr’s on the way home from work.

I expect to be in bed by 7:30 tonight. Being a mean and terrible mommy makes me sleepy.

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Margie said...

One thing is for sure... I can always be entertained by your blogs...Glad that everything worked out but I can only imagine how frustrating everything must have been.....Oh the joys of being the mommy of two boys (make that three because husbands are always included in that) and two puppies...hope all is well by now

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