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Monday, September 26, 2011

M... Murphy Maize Days!

We did this over the weekend.  SO FUN!  And it's free!  I could not get over that!  I'm used to going to these things and buying tickets for rides, buying popcorn, paying for face painting, etc.  But everything except vendor food was free.  Such a great, cheap way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Scarecrow contest
Vendor row for shoppers
Live music
AWESOME rides for the kids (and energetic adults)
Hay and pumpkin photo spot/play area
Craft area with neat crafts and activities
Fireworks were cancelled but we got a fun lazer light show that was so "clubbing" it was funny.  Imagine a see of people with glow necklaces (rave-ish, yes) and lazers over the water and on the walls of the building near you with people singing and dancing away.  So fun, lol.  They even had "shuttles" for parking which were school buses.  This worked out well for us because Carter LOVES buses. 

We met the only Binnings parental unit in town, the mister mom of Mia and Lila and we moseyed around together for awhile until they had to head home.  Then we played some and settled in for 1100 Springs music and then the lazer show.  :)  Good time!

We will be back for sure!  Thanks city of Murphy!  I love you even more now!

Of course I got my face painted with glitter paint I am still finding in my hair.  :)

We Love Sugar!!

See what I mean by cool free stuff to do?!
 Hi Trenton!

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