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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Catchup

Wow.  That was fast!  Christmas came and went in a HURRY!  I took off the week BEFORE Christmas because Trenton was out of school and we had him for Christmas this year.  He alternates holidays with his father and I.  Anyway, so we did a ton of fun things.  Some I blogged about, some I didn't.  I can't keep up anymore.  :)
Christmas Eve came and we went to our typical Christmas Eve gathering of my Dad's family.  At Thanksgiving, everyone who wants their kids to get a gift, puts the kids' names into a drawing and they buy for each other.  For example, Carter and Trenton were both in the drawing so I drew 2 other kids names to buy for them.  For adults, we do a "Nasty Christmas" exchange.  Everyone brings something around $25 and we draw numbers and pick gifts in that order.  Except you can steal a gift previously choosen until it's been stolen 3 times.  Then it's frozen.  You've all done it, I'm sure.  Trenton got a DS game and Carter got a HUGE firetruck and ramp that he delightfully played with the rest of the evening.  Scott and I both made out well in the gift department, too.  I was the very last pick so I stole a bottle of Baileys Irish Creme from my husband (lol) which froze it.  He then stole a bottle of Disarono for himself.  :) 

Then we hurried home so we could be in bed sleeping when Santa arrived.  We must have just barely made it because we got home late (it seemed) but Santa still came.  And bless us he did... after he snacked on the cookies we had to make a special 711 trip for on the way home because someone (um, me) forgot!!

 Trenton's stuffs

 A Laptop?!  No way!

 Carter's stuffs

Amazed (excuse his near nudity!)

Oh my gosh!  My own train table?!

 A slew of new pokemon cards?!  Yay!

Trenton loves Pokemon and he loves to draw.  Score!

1 little package with 9 different DS games in it!!  Whoa!

I love how awesome every.single.gift was to Trenton.  Such a sweetie!

Carter's new train table is probably his favorite.

And then there's MY favorite gift, the Kota the Triceratops Santa left Carter.  This is the CUTEST and coolest toy ever.  He's anamotronic greatness.  We love Kota. 

After all THIS crazy, we went to my parents house for dinner, MORE presents, and games.  But I'm tapped out today.  More on that later.  :)

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Margie said...

Well, I've been away for a while but I wanted to catch up on everyone..Trenton and Carter are getting so big and Trenton is getting tall...It looks like all of you had an awesome Christmas...Happy 2012 to you,Scott and the boys !!

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