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Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa is watching... just like Jesus...

Yes, that is a conversation I had with my 5 year-old over the weekend, lol.

I took the boys to see Santa on Friday afternoon. I went and picked Trenton up at school and off we went. I love the Stonebriar Santa. He's so good with the kids and the set up is great. I used to take Trenton to Northpark, but it's a pain in the ASS because everyone in the world shows up and even if you get there at 9am, you may have to wait until 3 or 4 that afternoon to see Santa. I shouldn't spend all day in a mall. That's painful for my bank acount.

Anyway, so last year we went to Stonebriar. And they won me over. So that's our place now. :) Anyway, it was 2 something on a Friday afternoon so I only spent 10 minutes or so in line with the kids. When we got up to Santa, suddenly Trenton was shy and it took several minutes before he finally told Santa that he wanted a rocket ship with flames on the side. I don't know where Santa will find this rocket ship since his gifts for Trenton are already picked out and put aside. :/

Oh well. Santa will have to scout out Toy R Us or something again.

So anyway, we had a nice afternoon. After seeing Santa, Trenton played in the play area and I sat with sleepy Carter. After sitting next to a row of blond, surgically perfected housewives for an hour, I was ready to go. So we strolled slowly through the mall on our way out so I could look for matching pj's for the boys. No luck. But it was fun.

He's thrilled to see the big guy. No really... lol

Waiting for Santa...

Santa and the boys...

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