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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Carter is trying to smile. He doesn't have it down just yet, but for days I've been watching him and I KNOW that he wants to. He just has that "look". So yesterday, while I was singing and dancing and drying my hair in the bathroom, I brought him in there with me. it was cold and the bathroom is warm, especially with my hair dryer going. So I sang and bounced his little bouncer along with whatever song I was singing. I looked down and he had it. The Look. My camera happened to be in my purse which was sitting on the floor so I got pictures. He ACTUALLY smiled today. But I didn't get pictures of that, just the attempts he made last night.

AND I have to thank my husband for loving me enough to brave Walmart (which he hates every day, not to mention the holidays) and buy me Season 4 of LOST. That show is my obsesison. Not to mention that I lust for Josh Holloway. So deliciously bad. ::Ahem:: Ayway, no one is allowed to talk to me when new episodes are on. I love it. I can't help it. Scott mocks me because when Charlie died, I sobbed like I'd just lost my best friend. And when Sawyer did that insanely romantic thing for Kate in the Season 4 finale, I think my heart stopped beating for 2 minutes. Geez! I can't wait to watch it!! Hurray!!

The delivery rocked, too. He snuck it to me. I don't know how. He came home for lunch, like always, but I was on the phone with Corey. Somehow, he slipped it under the pillow on the couch I was lying on. Then he left. Just went back to work. Then he called several minutes later and told me to look under the pillow. Madess. I was so excited. :)

I love you, Mr. Durbin!!

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