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Monday, January 12, 2009

Cheap is chic...

It's tummy time! I have about 3 minutes before the screaming begins.

I went to goodwill today. Yes, the Secondhand store. I went to find a themed outfit for a party. Something golfish and argyle. I didn't find anything like that. But I did find... stuff. For $25, I got a pair of gray banana republic slacks with store tags still on them, 2 slacks from Ann Taylor, a skirt from white house black market (my favorite store), and a skirt from express. I also got the wipe warmer I registered for and didn't get. In perfect working condition. It just needed to be cleaned (and lysoled of course). For $25!! And yes, it's all "used", but that's no different than borrowing clothes from your friends, right? It's all in great shape. It'll be washed, probably twice, but then I'll wear my treasures and no one will be the wiser than they were $3.99. :) Well, except you, because I just told you.

Ok. Carter is pissed, so tummy time is over. One week left of maternity leave so I want to soak up all the time I can with him.

Durby out.

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