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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Real life creeping up on me...

It feels like Sunday.. on a grander scale. I go back to work in less than 2 weeks. Which is great in alot of ways. Just getting out of the house daily will be nice. But I'll miss my little guy. Snuggling up with him and taking naps in the afternoon is one of my favorite things.

But, alas, I want to keep getting my paycheck and I don't think they want to pay me for sitting at home with my boys. But wouldn't THAT be great. In my fantasy world, they are more than happy to do so, lol. Actually, in my fantasy, Scott wins the lottery and we all get to stay home. Well, not Trenton, but he gets to go to private school. :)


Now that the holidays are over, I have to actively try to lose weight. Bah!! So, here I am, pledging to lose 20 pounds. Okay, 15 pounds. And within no time frame. I have kids. They are my main priority. Not killing myself for vanity's sake. Plus, fat keeps you warm, doesn't it. And it's winter, after all.


1 comment:

The Barbers said...

I agree, double chins are our friend! I'm sad that you come back and then I go... and it appears, I could STILL be here when you come. Shoot me now..... I miss you again (already) - waaaaaaah

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