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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Night Fever...

Carter was 12 weeks old yesterday. Man, it went by fast. He watches us, interacts with us, smiles, coos, waves hit little arms around and kicks his feet when he gets excited... It's hard to believe he's the same little baby who just ate, slept, and stared at us just a couple of months ago. It feels like yesterday when we were watching the Tech game in the hospital room with a wrapped up baby who couldn't even really see us. Now he has preference and opinions. He hates baths. But he LOVES the Bears mobile on his pack n play. He likes to "stand" on you lap and talk to you. He "yells" at you when he's unhappy, if you ignore that THEN he'll cry. One way or another, he gets his way.

Such a sweet little man.

And I can't even hold him. I woke up feeling mildly out of sorts yesterday, but nothing serious. Just... tired. But that's fairly normal these days. I took Carter to school and went to work. About midmorning I started feeling cold. Which I blamed on the office. But it was slightly strange because when other people there are cold, I almost never am. I rarely use the heater under my desk. But it was full blast yesterday. Suddenly I was overtaken with complete and TOTAL exhaustion. I could not keep my eyes open. I decided to go to my car and take a nap during lunch. I slept for an hour in my car with the heater there blowing full steam. I awoke with a headache, chills, nausea and and overall achiness. And still exhausted.

I got in the elevator and made it upstairs and to the bathroom before I puked my guts out. Nice. I then trucked my butt back to my desk, knowing I'd get no sympathy from anyone with the power to send me home. The hours between 1:30 and 5 dragged on eternally. I felt horrible. So horrible, I started crying at my desk. So embarassing. I FINALLY got out of there only to hav eto contend with an hour of traffic. In the midst of which I decided I was going to have to puke again.

I came home and got in bed. Where I've been pretty much since then. Thank GOD for my husband. He's been taking care of the baby so he doesn't get sick. Luckily, Trenton is with his dad this weekend so I don't have to worry about that... until tomorrow.

So I am tortured by the fact that I can't hold my own sweet baby. Being sick SUCKS so much more when you're a mommy.

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