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Monday, February 02, 2009

"Don't tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I'll tell you what they are.” ~ James W. Frick


That's how much money I spent on Sunday morning. And I never left the house. Actually, it was more than that. $400 PLUS whatever. I'll start at the beginning.

Carter got his pictures made when he was born. Usually they come by your hospital room and take your baby's picture then sell them to you. We were admitted Thursday night, Carter was born in the early hours of Friday morning and we were released on Sunday afternoon. No one ever came by to take his picture. I finally asked about it when they were talking about releasing us and the nurse looked surprised that no one had come. She then informed me they aren't there on Sundays.

If you know me at all, you know how well that sat with me. I told the nurse that I wasn't leaving the hospital until my baby's pictures were taken. She left to call them.

Long story short, I was UNHAPPY so we came back to the hospital the very next day and got 50% off all our pictures and no tax. So we got a ton of pictures relatively cheaply. And we got a follow-up free session and free pics. Whatever.

So they came and took his picture a week or so ago. Then the lady called and set up an appointment to come by the house with her laptop and show us the pictures so we could pick our free pictures and see if we wanted to buy any. Which is insane. Because who looks at pictures of their baby and doesn't buy them? Bad parents, that's who. Lol.

So she shows up and the pictures are adorable. Of course. Because Carter is adorable. And they've done fun things like cropped them in artsy ways and made collages and whatnot. I want them all. Of course.

AFTER she's shown us all the pictures, she hands me the sheets with the packages on them. And Scott starts telling me that I have to get a package with the CD in it. Only he can't see the sheets with the prices on them. You can't just buy the CD. And you can't just buy a cheap package and buy the CD seperately. Nope. The absolute cheapest package I could get with the CD included was $369. Plus tax. Which seems ridiculous to me. ESPECIALLY since we have a photographer that we LOVE and takes awesome pictures. She doesn't charge that much and we get all the pics on a CD to do with what we please.

So, when I get those pictures and post them on here, there better be a zillion comments telling me how gorgeous that baby boy is. Yes, if you read this, you're obligated. Maybe that will soothe my aching wallet. ::Sigh::

**Breaking News**

Nicole here at work, just informed me that because I had a baby in 2008, I'll be getting another $300 rebate check. Because of that whole rebate thing last year. She also had a baby in 2008 (her babies Austin and Tyler are SO adorable) and she discovered this bit of awesomeness when she filed her taxes. So hurray!! That ALMOST pays for Carter's pictures! :D


me said...

just another reason why i need one of those.

Warner Wrap-Up said...

you just made my day. i had no idea about the $300. maybe i should not tell kyle and go shopping. j/k

KRiSTiN said...

I KNOW!! I was stoked! Kyle doesn't NEED to know. Lol. That's your bonus for having such a cute little munchkin! :)

Carol said...

My grandsons are adorable so how could their pictures be otherwise. $300+ for a lifetime of special memories...a no-brainer. Our babies are only babies for such a short period of time. Save those memories while you have the opportunity!~nana

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