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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

No one will ever mistake me for Supermom. ::Tired Sigh::

Oops. I got Scott sick. Which I feel kinda bad about. But sometimes I think he thinks I'm not REALLY sick. Because I get sick pretty regularly. My immune system is... pathetic. Thanks cancer!! ::Chuckle:: Anyway, so he's feeling less than par but at least now he knows I wasn't faking or being dramatic. Silver lining? No? Ok. Ugh. I do really feel bad that he's sick and miserable. Because he is. No one understands that better than me. I don't know how we're going to pull off getting through this without the kids getting sick, but we're sure as heck trying.

So we quarantined Scott in the bedroom just as I was over the weekend and the boys and I ordered a pizza last night and Carter and I played and watched Trenton play video games and then show us his "Bad Guy Book".

I put the boys to bed around 8pm and then packed Carter's bag for the next day and Trenton's lunch for the next day. Then I took a shower and did all the girly stuff that comes with preparing for anything (hair drying, hair straightening, face washing, eyebrow plucking, halfassed pedicure, pore staring, gray hair plucking, etc.).

Normally on work/school day mornings, Scott deals with Trenton and I deal with Carter. We split the morning work so it runs smoother. It's easier that way. But I had to do it alone since I didn't want Scott's ick infecting my boys. :) So I did it last night thinking that would make the possibility for forgetting something less likely. But I still didn't feel great from MY bout with sickness and just wanted to got to bed.

All this preparing was made slightly more complicated by the fact that, for stocking stuffers at Christmas, my parents gave us hockey tickets. For tonight. It was supposed to be a date for Scott and I. But I had to replace Scott as my date. Sarah and I are going instead. But I had to make sure I had everything in order for ME as far as that goes (tickets, cash, change of clothes), and for my parents as far as the kids go (carseats, carseat bases, plans, school directions, codes and passwords, etc.). Because they are still coming over to babysit since Scott can't touch my babies. And I am not coming home after work because I work in Uptown Dallas. I can look out the window and see the AAC. ::Waves at the empty venue:: So it seems dumb to drive ALL the way back to Plano just to drive right back here.

But alas, all is in order. This morning stressed me, I can't lie. But it went better than I expected. My kids are dressed, fed and happy at their respective schools and I am dressed, have had my coffee, made it to work on time, and have the tickets and change of clothes for tonight. Now I just have to battle through the day at work without falling asleep or losing my mind. We'll see.

Thankfully, my parents and I have made the arrangements for them to pickup the kids and bring them home where they will watch them until I return around midnight... or later. When I will undoubtedly be exhausted but starting the whole cycle of madness all over again for tomorrow.

There are people who do this every day. Single mommies with 2 kids or moms with husbands in the service or whatever. I couldn't. Could never. I.am.tired.

I'm going to need more coffee.

1 comment:

ontilt20 said...

On the contrary. As I sat and watched you with Carter this morning, that's exactly what I thought. You are indeed, Supermom.

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