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Monday, February 23, 2009

Art & Soul

It used to be "Feat of Clay". But now it's called "Art & Soul" and it's awesomeness. For women... especially mommies. We went on Saturday. Basically, you walk in and the room has shelves and shelves of plates, cups, dishes, tiles, anything you can think of really, unglazed and plain white. You pick what you want to paint and take it to a table. On each table are multiple paint brushes and water. You walk to another wall, pick you paint colors and then sit and paint you object however you please.

I got an unpainted plate and Scott got an unpainted coffee mug as a gift and we broght those in to paint. I bought a matching plate so I could do the boys hand prints. We just let Trenton paint the mug however he felt appropriate. This place is cute because the can take the handprints or footprints and make them into really cute stuff, like frogs or butterflies or anything really. But I didn't do that this time. We did Trenton's Handprints in blue and Carter's hands AND feet (because they're much smaller and we had room) in green. I just painted some matching circles around them to keep them simple. I just wanted plain and clear imprints of my guys hands. I didn't even try lettering them myself. The lady that makes them into things can also write on them for you. I was afraid of making a mistake (because mistakes can't be covered) so I just left instructions for her to write the kids' names and ages. I'm so excited to go back and get them!! We have the 2 plates, the mug, and a crab sculpture that Trenton wanted to paint. They fire and glaze your creations and then they're shiny and pretty and wonderful. It cost me fifty bucks TOTAL. I only bought another plate and a crab (lol) but I am getting 2 things lettered and 4 irreplaceable works of art that I will cherish forever.

And it killed several hours Saturday morning. It was fun. Maybe not for Scott, but he didn't complain and I needed his help to wrangle the kids. He was a good sport. :) I get everything back next Saturday, so expect pics then. I meant to take pics during, but that would have been a bit much. I forgot. Oh well. Happy Monday!!

For Christmas next year, I want a platter. Scott, you read that? Platter with the kids footprints or something. Made into Christmas trees or something. I'll act surprised. :)


Alyssa said...

I somehow passed thru your blog one day, I can't remember how, and I love reading your blog. I guess because your life is kinda crazy but funny like mine. Anyway, I was wondering where this Art & Soul pottery painting place is? I saw one on John and Kate plus 8 but I haven't ever seen one around here. Is it in the Dallas area?

KRiSTiN said...

Well, hello! :)

It's in Plano, slightly Northeast of Dallas. It's at Park and Ohio. If you're in Dallas, it's maybe a half hour away. Google "Art & Soul Plano" and you should get a map in your results. :)

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