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Friday, February 20, 2009

Friends are family, too.

You know what's great about my life? Aside from my wonderful, gorgeous and sweet little boys and my husband who I could sometimes strangle but still love LOTS... I have a TON of good friends. Not just lots of friends. I have lots of GOOD friends. Confidants. People to share GREAT moments with and to support me when I need it. They're all different and bring a zillion different things into my life, making my life rich and totally complete. I've got it all.

The friend I've had for what seems like FOREVER and has watched me change and let me grow. I've never been let down and that's more than most people can say about a 14 year relationship. Thanks Tony.

A newer friend, who's travelled in a similar journey as I have recently and helped me laugh when I didn't want to and has been one of the people I look forward to seeing most every day. I heart you Julie.

Pregnancy Power!

An unbeknownst sister who unleashed the power of the carnation one afternoon at a less than stellar vegetarian cafe. She IS me. It's like seeing myself in different life circumstances. Oh, Rockstar Sarah, you make me laugh. Watch out for electric fences.

As a token of our friendship, you can have him. ::Snicker::

The person who knew I was pregnant before all others and the person whom I trusted to keep the name I picked a secret. Someone that I ALWAYS have a good time with and has proven themselves to me as a person and friend. The one of the best things my husband ever did was introduce me to you. :) Amy, you are one of my best friends!! Be it breadbox or breadbasket, themed parties, or game nights, a million more laughs await in our future, I'm sure.

Yes, those are little penis' on my crown. Jamie Kennedy licked one.

Anyway, I love my friends. I just named a few here. There are LOTS of people I love like family. :)


me said...

tear drop....carnations all around...crescent moons on the beach. (that last part sounded a little odd)

i still like the fact that i can just think about something we have done or a story you have told me and i start laughing by myself. "Ahh!(pause) I'm okay" silence.

The Barbers said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww, you rock and right back at'cha woman. I don't know what I would have done without you...pregnancy would have killed me. Heck, I think you are the reason Triston is still alive - what would I do without your mom advice!! I heart YOU!

red4short said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
red4short said...

Amy -
Well I love, love, love being your friend. Your beautiful, probably to much for one woman in my opinion, witty as hell and just darn fun to be with. You n me almost two peas in a pod, minus a million things, but who is counting.
Love you!

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