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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Best Medicine

Carter laughed. Right out loud like a smile that exploded. He’s been so close for a long time. With huge smiles and long “coo”s and “geh”s and you could tell he was right on the verge, but he didn’t ACTUALLY laugh. Until last night, that is.

I made a homemade pizza and Trenton and I were eating with Carter sitting in his bouncy chair next to the table. To keep him from getting bored, I was playing Boo-Bah puppets with him. Which is a ridiculous and silly game where I use my hands as puppets and one only says “Boo” in a semi-low pitch and the other says “Bah” in a louder and higher pitch. So basically I am just saying combinations of the words "Boo and "Bah" over and over again while waving my hands around. It makes him smile. That’s what matters, not how ludicrous I look doing it, lol. Anyway, he was doing the big smile and the long “geeeehhhh” and then… it broke free. The most glorious giggle.

It was AWSEOME! Happiness swelled up in me and dumb as it is, I could have cried. He kept giggling for a solid minute and a half. His face got all red and he gasped for air. I was laughing hysterically by this point, too.

Daddy missed it. He was at work. Which sucks, because it was the most magical sound. Which you probably think is dumb, unless you have heard you’re baby laugh for the first time. It is AWESOME! I love when babies are 2 to 3 months old when the real smiling and laughing starts.

I can still remember Trenton’s first laugh. I can tell you exactly what he was wearing… dark and light blue terrycloth sleeper with a brown puppy on it. I can tell you what made him laugh… me zipping up his sleeper’s zipper after changing him and saying in a silly voice, “ZZZIIIIPPPP”. And I can tell you it was one of my favorite memories of his childhood.

Maybe because laughter indicates happiness and that’s what we all want for our kids, right? And it's so innocent sounding. I dunno. It was great. That’s all I know. Both kids, both laughs, both in my Top Mommy Moments.


The Barbers said...

I can't wait for my moment!! YIPPPEEEEE

Nicole said...

I love baby giggles! Totally irresistible. Austin likes belly kisses - works every time!

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