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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Something New!

Because of my addiction to taking/posting pictures of... well everything, it stands to reason that I have LOTS of pictures of my family. My old blog format only had one column for pics. And that just wouldn't do. So I finagled. I explored. I trial and errored. And wha-la! TWO columns of pics to sandwich my blogs.

::Stands victoriously in proud mommy excitment::

You're jealous? I don't blame you. It IS cool. You want me to share the secret? TOO BAD!! Muahahahahaha!!

In reality, it was kinda hard and I messed up the format several times and had to start completely over. You're better off googling.

But admire MY handiwork first. I need the praise. I am needy that way.

1 comment:

Charlya said...

Well look at you! Does that mean you are going to begin designing websites? Hook me up if you do! :)

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