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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

I'm 28. Sounds so grown up. I remember when I thought 24 was OLD. ::Sigh:: Where does the time go? Oh, right. To having kids and working and things like that. Responsibility stole my youth. :)

My birthday was good, although it didn't start that way. I WAS having a CRAPPY day until about lunch time when the lovely Julie Barber came to work (she's on maternity leave) to take me to lunch. Corey and Sarah came along and that was the beginning of the turnaround. It was nice to sit and chat with the girls about commercials that are borderline inappropriate and going commando.

Thanks, Julie. :) You saved my day.

I went home later that day, and Scott and Trenton were standing in the driveway... which is weird. Anyway, he tells me he sent me an email and I have to check it out. I went in and eventually went to the computer and opened it. It was a picture of a cake.

Back story is, since whirlyball, Scott has been sending me pictures of flowers and cakes in celebration of the countdown to my birthday. It started 11 days beforehand. So the joke was that because we played whirlyball for my birthday 11 days before it, I was celebrating that whole time. Anyway, so I'd get an email that said, "Happy 6 of 11" or whatever, and it'd be something like a cake in she shape of a 6.

So, ON my birthday, the picture of the cake said, "Happy Birthday, Kristin". Which I thought was weird because my name was spelled right. How'd he find a picture on the internet of a cake with my name spelled correctly? Then I noticed the table. The design in the wood looked familiar. It was MY table. I went into the dining room and sure enough, there were my boys and my cake.

Trenton handed me my new necklace, the one with the boys names on it. Scott had gotten me a new chain and matching bracelet. Which is awesome, because it's something I wanted, but would never think of buying myself.

Scott had also gotten some wine and we ate cake for dinner and drank shiraz. :) We watched some TV via hulu and then put the boys to bed. Afterward, we played on our laptops until we went to bed, lol. Sounds silly, but it was RELAXING.

All ended well.


Carter's surgery is tomorrow at 7:30am. Well, the surgery is at 8:30am. We have to be there at 7:30am. I feel slightly reassured after talking to the surgical nurse this morning. She told me I can sit with him until they take him back to the surgery room. They'll administer the anethesia via gas until he's out completely, THEN start an IV. She said it's too traumatic. I said that I agreed and I didn't want him traumatized. Then she said, "I meant for the nurses."

And just like that, I felt better. You don't want people who don't care cutting on your baby. I felt better knowing my little man's hurt would bother the people taking care of him.

I can see him after the surgery, as soon as he opens his eyes and focuses. About 10 minutes, I'm told. Then I can sit with him the remainder of "recovery". And the procedure should only take about 30 minutes. So 40 or so minutes of high anxiety for me. I can do that. ::Gulp::

Poor little Pun'kin.

No more bump!

I'm sure I'll take a million Before & After pictures.

Expect and update post some time tomorrow.


Alyssa said...

Awww, he will do good! Hopefully he doesn't get cranky coming out of that anesthesia! Kylan went under when he had his tubes done and he was crying and wasn't happy for about 20 min. after. That was hard to handle. Maybe take his favorite stuffed animal or blankie that he can snuggle against when he's coming out of his anesthesia! :-)

Carol said...

Give Carterbug a hug and kiss from Nana and then give yourself and Scott a hug. Trust me, this is more traumatic for both of you than it will be for the little guy. I love you all and will be praying that you all have peace and it's a short procedure!~mom

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