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Monday, March 23, 2009

No sleep for the snotty...

Carter has the crud. Allergies that cause congestion, coughing, irritablity, snotty nose, etc. Basically, the same thing that my other 2 boys have. I don't really have bad allergies. ::Knock on Wood:: Other than a cat allergy, I am pretty immune to the typical allergy misery. I was REALLY hoping Carter would be blessed this way, as well. No such luck. He has daddy's allerigies. Booo.

So while I can breath just fine and feel great, the other 3 occupants of this house are hacking, couching, spitting, sniffling, snorting and making a zillion other icky noises.

Which kinda makes me think that boys really do have cooties...


Friday is the day! Carter's surgery. Wish us luck!

Oh, and tomorrow is my birthday. :/

Busy week.


Alyssa said...

Boys do have cooties!! Unfortunately Kylan got his daddy's allergies too. There's always sneezing and snot running in our house. :-(

The Barbers said...

Aw Durb, I'm sorry... I have the same issue and am hoping that Tristan doesn't get them. My DOGS even have allergies. What a beating...

happy birthday ...great seeing you today!


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