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Monday, March 30, 2009

Project Life Story and Happy Retirement

My weekend project. I have a much longer version here at home, but I thought that would be pushing it a bit. Speakers on.

Music is key. :)

You know, the hardest part wasn't the pictures or the timeline or getting the timing right (I love Microsoft Movie Maker!!), it was the music.

I'm working on one for Trenton, too, but 4 months is way easier to condense than 5 years! I am doing so, though. Wish me luck!

I was watching Futurama last night while up with Carter. I love Futurama. Anyway, after a particularly bad date, Leela had this conversation with Fry (who's in love with her)...

Leela: I don't care if you're not the most important man in the universe. I'm really happy to see you right now. Fry: Then I AM the most important man in the universe.

I feel that way about my kids. I'm not the most beautiful woman in the world. I'm not the richest person. I'm not the smartest human on the planet (but I am in the top 5). I'm not the best person ever. But I am. Because I'm a mommy. Until they become teenagers, anyway.


Like I mentioned in my previous post, my Dad retired last Friday. Fianally. My Mom retired last year so now they're going to... I dunno. Continue to go on cruises and little vacations and trips, lol. Anyway, Dad's been a Police Officer my entire life, so it's weird for him not to be any more. But I'm super excited for him. I'm proud of you Dad. Love you! Here are some of the pictures taken at his retirement party in a courtroom at the Addison Police Dept. I was the acting Judge for about 3 minutes. Then I was back to photographer. :)

Ryan and Trenton The Family
Dad and the Mayor Trenton's free pass... ...given by me. I should have kept the stamp... just in case... (It said "Acquitted") Dad Trenton being Trenton Dad accepting his award Popaw and his little buddy. My little trooper post surgery, partying it up!


charlya said...

Oh my goodness! That video is priceless! I wish I had time to do that with my stuff. You guys look great and I can't wait to do the pictures next month!

The Barbers said...

Ok, that's it...cutest thing EVER...you better teach me how to do that video! It was AWESOME!!!!

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