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Thursday, March 12, 2009

School Showoff and Yummy Mush!

I am EXHAUSTED. Damn it! Don't foreign countries have nap time for adults, too? I heard that somewhere. If it isn't true, don't tell me because I'm going to daydream about moving to one of those countries and snoring an hour or two away mid-day.

Trenton's Open House was tonight. I think we were the first in his class to get there. We showed up at 5:30pm. We left at 6:15pm, lol. Trenton showed me EVERYTHING. It was so cute. He showed me all of his centers, all the papers he had hanging, his "Wish", his animal report (whale), his locker, his favorite book on the bookshelf... then his other favorite book on the book shelf, and then he read to me a little. Everyone that overheard (even the principal) was SO impressed with him and his reading. I know I'm his mommy, but goodness that kid is smart. His teacher told me that she is constantly amazed at what he retains. He brings up tiny, random things she said months ago and barely remembers, lol. He's good to all the girls in the class, too, apparently. If one of the girls can't find a color she wants, Trenton goes on a mission to find it for her. The report is, he is always taking care of the girls, even at the expense of giving up what he wants or is playing with. Trenton has ALWAYS been a ladies man, prefering and wooing women from the day he was born. But it's only now that I'm slightly concerned about his teenage years...

Let's not think about that now. :) I took some pictures of my growing-up-too-fast boy, of course. I didn't have my camera so these are just blackberry pics. But at least it's something!

Anyway, after Trenton showed me everything he possibly could and we played his favorite rhyming game, we left. Well, he had a piece of the school's cake and THEN we came home. I fed Trenton dinner and popped in Milo and Otis and let him chill in the family room for a bit.

Then it was time.

At Carter's 4 month appointment last Tuesday, Dr. Katz gave up the go ahead to start feeding Carter rice cereal or whatever simple puree's he wants. He just said to start simple and feed him with a spoon. So we did. Well, I did. Scott videotaped, took pictures and laughed. The video is too long to post, but we did get some great pictures, lol.

To say he enjoyed it would be a stretch... if by "stretch" you mean "lie". Poor baby just wanted to suck on his bottle. Hey, we all wanna suck on a bottle once in a while, eh? Wine, beer, milk... sometimes it just makes you feel better. ::Snicker::

Tomorrow is Carter's consult with the pediatric surgeon. It occurred to me tonight that it's on Friday the 13th. Am I supersticious? No. But... prayer would be appreciated. :)

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The Barbers said...

OMG those pictures are GREATNESS. Sign of things to come for me.... LOL

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