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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lucky Friday the 13th

So, after meeting with the HAIRIEST surgeon on the planet, Carter's surgical consult is done. And I'm feeling better about it. Sure, they'll be removing a mass that growing right next to his skull, but Dr. Fuzz seemed to be very comfortable and spoke as if he's done hundreds of surgeries just like it. Which is what I like to think he was doing and it made him so busy, he didn't have the time to shave. Or wax. Or chop with a machete. Holy moly. So. Much. Hair. Mammoths would be jealous.

I'm scheduling the actual surgery on Monday, so I'll let you know when it is so you can keep him in your prayers. The anethesia makes me nervous. I fear the sleeping person not waking. I feared this when I had my wisdom teeth removed and I feared it when Scott had his removed. I feared it when my Dad had his heart surgery, too. Not the fact that his heart would be exposed to the world, but that he might not wake up from the sleepy juice, lol. Logical, I know.

I fear it still... MORE with my 4 month old... but what can I do? The cyst won't go away and will just get bigger over time. It's gotta go. ::Sigh::

So anyway... I got carried away with pictures the other night.

It started with a sign or plaque or whatever. I made it for Carter's room...

...then I had to show you Carter's bedding so you'd know how cute and matching my creation would be.

Then I just got carried away and had to show off his room, period. I love my nursery. Especially the huge, green SUPER soft rug. It's a small room, but it's perfect!

This is the toybox my girlfriend, Amy, MADE for Carter and gifted us at the shower she threw for Scott and I. I have fabulous friends.

Side view of the toy box and close up of the projection thing Connie (work friend) gave us. We use it every night. It's AWESOME. It projects moving pictures on the ceiling AND plays songs and sounds.

The sign/plaque thingy I made is for the space between the mirrors above the crib. It'll be cute, trust me.

My parents rocked my brother and I to sleep as babies in that rocking chair. I think that it's kinda cool to use it for my kids.

Where my sweetie sleeps. :)

1 comment:

The Barbers said...

Ok, I want the projection thing... I want that dang toy box and I want the mobile thing. I am bringing Tristan over to distract you while I steal all the items listed above. BUT, when you notice, I will swear you had some wacky juice yourself. Your little guy is gonna do great.. but I would (and do) freak out too... so call me... we'll worry together until he's out. It's what we moms do!

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