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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The weekends are more exhausting than the work week!!

Manny, a coworker, came over yesterday. Not just for a visit, though I love Manny, but to drop of his pet. I'm petting sitting while he and his family go out of town for Spring Break. He's done LOTS of nice things for me and he sits in a particular spot in the office where he overhears all of Julie and I's jabber. Which is sometimes jabber about things men would typically feel uncomfortable about, lol. Poor Manny. Anyway, so I was HAPPY to return the favor by sitting for Butterscotch. Did I mention Butterscotch isn't a dog or cat... but a guinea pig? Lol. He made me nervous at first, but he's so sweet. And now that I've figured out those sounds he makes aren't growling or attack noises, I'm much more comfortable holding him.

Please excuse the pics. They were taken first thing in the morning. Yikes.

Yesterday was an early start morning, with Scott and I running around and shopping most of the morning away, then coming home and napping, watching TV and him making a lot of noise in his studio.

Last night, a bunch of friends and Scott and I went to play whirly ball. If you've never played whirlyball, it's like lacrosee and bumber cars mixed into one. SO FUN! It was a birthday celebration for me. :) Not a party, per see, but a gathering of people doing youthful activities. I had LOTS and LOTS of fun. So much fun I forgot to take pictures. Opps. But trust me, it was a GREAT time. I took one picture beforehand that was supposed to be the first of MANY. But I forgot, lol.

After whirlyball, about half the group went out to The Franchise in Plano. It's a restaurant/bar a friend of my husband's owns. We ate and ordered some drinks and then got into the Trivia game. LOL. Scott set mine up and named me "Drunk" so every time my score came up or I was doing well, I could announce loudly, "I'm Drunk!!", lol. It was funny. There were 8 peope playing in the bar, 3 at our table. Gibs, Dawn/Deidre and I. It was interesting.

Corey, Gibs and I at The Franchise

Being the old lady that I am, I was ready to go home and crash at about 10:30pm, so we did just that, lol. But man, what a fun weekend.

And it's not even over! At 4pm, we're going to get our family pictures made. I want them done BEFORE Carter has his surgery and gets his scar. Well take plenty of that, but I want a nice, simple family picture with as little bodily injuries as possible.

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Carol said...

Where were your boys while you were out having all this fun? Hmmmm????

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