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Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 12th, 2009

Happy Easter!! Last night, after the afternoon church service at Lake Pointe in Rockwall, we went to Luigi's for dinner. Yum!! One of my FAVORITE restaurants. Second only to Awaji in Plano. Anyway, after stuffing our faces full of the Luigi's greatness, we went back to my parent's house to play on the wii. After I DOMINATED golf EVERY TIME, and we played some tennis, it was time for trivia. It was beautiful. The past high score was held by my brother's boyfriend and Scott was DETERMINED to beat it. Richards score was 86. I scored an 87 early on. Which really got Scott's feathers fluffed. Over and over we played and he couldn't beat my score. There was a SPORTS category that I completely swept! LOL!! Anyway, Scott finally beat my 87. He got a 99, I think? Sadly for him, I got a 104 that same round. That was the last game we played. ::Snicker:: It was fun.

Of course, early this morning, we had to get up and see if the Easter Bunny had come. Whaddya know?! He had!! Hurray!

Easter Baskets ~ Thanks Easter Bunny!!!

Trenton got 2 Ben 10 (his favorite show) kites, some Bubble tape, those little plastic capsules that you put in water and they melt and for little sponge animals or whatever, a velcro throwing game, some reeses, and a giant lollipop. The Easter Bunny sure must think he's special!!

Carter got a ring sorting game, a portable wipe container with dinosaurs on it and some stuffed animals. OH! And some adorable bunny ears. Those weren't his favorite thing, but he tolerated them just so mommy could take pictures.

Then... the hunt was on. Carter sat with Daddy and ate while Trenton hunted the goodies left for him by Mr. Bunny. Since it was rainy, Mr. Bunny left the treats in the family room area.

After all was claimed by little T, we played. :)

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