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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Yeah. I went there. Sorry.

I enjoy making Trenton breakfast. Even though he is a picky little toot. Friday, we were all home because Trenton was out of school and Scott was off work. So I got to make Trenton a "Hen's Nest" for breakfast. Only I can't call it that. Because he doesn't like those. Won't eat it. But he likes it when I call it a "space portal". Then it's delicious. Even though it's the EXACT same thing as a Hen's nest. Lol. It's basically buttered bread, I poke a good sized hole in it, throw it in a heated skillet, and crack an egg inside. The egg cooks inside the hole in the bread and you flip it after a couple of minutes. Cheese is also an option. Then, as you eat it, you get yummy runny yoke to soak the bread in. Or you could scramble the eggs first, if you don't like that, I suppose. :) It's quick, easy, and fun. It's a nice break from chocolate smiley face pancakes.

The original plan for yesterday, Good Friday, was for Scott to work in the yard and to set the Slip N Slide up for Trenton while Carter and I just hung out and enjoyed the weather.

Weather didn't permit. It wasn't cold, it just wasn't warm enough for THAT. So instead, Trenton helped Scott work in the yard and Carter and I played inside. And that was ok. Carter and I visited several times to watch the guys working hard.

Then my mom came over to babysit, and Scott and I went to Keith and Amy's for dinner and adult time. When we got there, Amy presented me with my birthday gift. A set of wine glasses she hand painted herself!! She's so crafty!! I LOVE them. :)

We had a delicious dinner and then played Balderdash and drank wine until it was time to go home. It was a fun and relaxing evening. Those are few and far between these days, so it was really great to just go and let loose. And it helps that Amy is a FABULOUS hostess. :)

This afternoon, we are going to Rockwall to go to Church with my family then to eat dinner. But this morning, Trenton and I colored Easter eggs. It was fun. We only did 11. I dropped one after boiling and that's PLENTLY for one little boy. :) Plus, I would imagine the Easter bunny will leave plastic eggs with candy, too. ::Wink::

Ok. Off to get presentable for Church. My goal is to stop being the family that only goes to Church for Christmas and Easter. UGH! Not that I think Church attendance has anything to do with a person's relationship with God, but I think it says something about effort and willingness and desire to learn about Him. Sooo, that's the plan. I was raised better than this. :/

More pictures after the Easter festivities! Enjoy the Holiday and remember what we're celebrating! :)

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