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Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Project.

I've started my new project. Giving us liveable grownup space outside. We don't use our backyard at all, really. Mainly, because we had the dogs back there for a long time and they destroyed EVERYTHING. They ate everything they possibly could, lol. Seriously. Chairs, ignition on the grill, Trenton's swing... EVERYTHING. We had to give the dogs up... which was sad... but they broke our fence and we couldn't keep them in the yard and this was immediately after I had Carter, so they were way too wild (still puppies) to be in the house. But being GORGEOUS dogs (Izzy was a solid white husky with blue eyes and one of the most gorgeous dogs I've ever seen), they found good homes.

So we have our yard back. We have a patio that used to be screened in, but we took that down. It's open, but covered by the second story above it. And that's PERFECT for what I want. I want a little reseort cabana-esque type space. Open and airy, but feels like an extension of the house. I have it perfectly laid out in my head.

I bought the furniture. A basic conversation set that's cute and functional (and sturdy).

I'm going to enclose our square back patio in curtains (weather-resistant, outdoor curtains). I ordered these...

The basic idea is this...

... but we'll have more space. It'll obviously be a little different. I'm going to get some big pretty pots and some medium size palm trees and I ordered some really pretty solar lights for that space. A nice rug and some accessories and it'll be the perfect summer spot. Scott has a grill that's practically new so I'm excited about getting it done so we can have people over. :)

And it'll be great for sitting in the evenings with Carter and watching Trenton play until the fireflies come out. Fireflies are everywhere around here and it's almost that time.

I love summer. ::Happy Sigh::

1 comment:

The Barbers said...

I'm jealous!! I want this.. I want this... ok, fine.. I'm broke... I'll just have to come to YOUR house!

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